The demand of family members – the court directs Yamraj to send the culprits to the earth to complete the punishment

Appeal made in Calcutta High Court.

In a 1984 murder case, the court had upheld the conviction of the 2 convicts by the Alipur Sessions Court, while both have died in 1993 and 2010.

Kolkata. A strange case has come to light in Kolkata (Kolkata) over an order of the High Court. In one case here, there has been a demand from the Calcutta High Court to instruct the Yamaraja (Yama) to send the two murder convicts to Earth to complete the punishment of Yamraj.

Contempt action should be taken against Yamraj
After the conviction of the two convicts in the murder case after the death of the Calcutta High Court upheld, their families have requested that Yamraj, the god of death, be directed in this regard. If Yamraj does not follow this order, then contempt action should be taken against him.

Death convicts have diedThe applicants have requested Chief Justice TBN Radhakrishnan to withdraw the High Court’s June 2016 order. In this order, the court upheld the five-year sentence awarded to Samar and Pradeep Chaudhary by the Alipur Sessions Court in a 1984 murder case, while Pradeep died in 1993 and Samar in 2010.

In order to complete the sentence

Samar’s son Ashok and Pradeep’s wife Renu, who filed the petition, have requested the court to send their order dated 16 June 2016 to Yamraj. The petition said that the court should instruct Yamraj to bring the culprits back to the earth so that they can surrender before the lower court and complete the sentence awarded under the law.

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