Apart from Aarey Colony, in these 5 people’s movements, people clashed for saving trees

new Delhi. Mayanagari Mumbai (Mumbai) is in the news these days due to a demonstration in which people are opposing the felling of trees for the purpose of saving the environment. The case is of Aarey colony in Mumbai. Harvesting of around 2500 trees has been started by the administration here. There is a plan to cut these trees and build a metro rail depot here, but Mumbaikars have come out on the streets to protest against the cutting of trees. This is not the first such mass movement of the country, which is being done to save the environment. Even before this there have been some big movements, which have played a very important role to protect our environment. Let’s know about them …

1. Bishnoi movement
In the year 1730, Maharaja Abhay Singh of Jodhpur planned to build his new palace, but when wood was needed for this, it came to know that there is a famine of wood in Rajasthan. Maharaj sent soldiers to arrange the wood. The soldiers reached the village of Bishnoi society, Khejri, to arrange the tree. There were a large number of trees here. When Amrita Devi, a resident of the village, got the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis, she opposed it.

He sacrificed his life by clinging to the tree. Seeing them, his daughters too clung to the trees. He too lost his life. When this news spread in the village, the people of Bishnoi society started a movement to save the trees. In this, 363 people sacrificed their lives in that movement. People of Bishnoi society used to worship trees. After this, the Chipko movement started in the country in 1972 was inspired by this.2. Chipko movement: when people were wrapped around trees to save them

The Chipko movement to save trees was started in Gopeshwar in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand (then part of UP). The movement was started in 1973 on behalf of others including Chandiprasad Bhatt, Gaura Devi and Sundarlal Bahuguna. These people led this movement. This movement was done to protect the forests from indiscriminate and illegal harvesting.

Under this movement, people used to cling to trees to save them, due to which it was named Chipko Movement. People did not let contractors cut trees. The then Chief Minister Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna had to intervene and formed a committee for this. The committee gave a decision in favor of the villagers. People won in 1980 and the then Indira Gandhi government banned the felling of trees in the Himalayan forest area for 15 years. This movement later spread to many other states.

Many movements to save trees.

3. Silent Valley Bachao Andolan of Kerala
Silent Valley, located in the southern state of Kerala, is a forest spread over 89 square kilometers. Many special species of plants and flowers are found here. In 1973, the hydroelectric project of the Kerala State Electricity Board was approved by the Planning Commission. It was planned to build a dam on the banks of the Kuntipuja river for power generation.

This posed a danger of submergence of about 8.3 square kilometers of forest. Looking at this in 1978, many voluntary institutions, environmentalists and people united. All started demonstrating against the government. In January 1981, Indira Gandhi’s government bowed to her and Silent Valley was declared a protected area. The power project was withdrawn in 1983. In 1985, the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated Silent Valley National Park.

4. Appico movement started in Karnataka
This movement was started in 1983 on the lines of Chipko movement to save the forest area and trees in North Kannada and Shimoga district of Karnataka. This movement was run under the leadership of Pandurang Hegde in Karnataka for the protection of forests. Local people were protesting against the felling of trees by contractors. Under this movement, people took out marches, played street plays. The movement continued for 38 consecutive days. The movement forced the government to order to stop felling of trees. After the movement became more popular, the workers who had gone to cut the trees also left the trees. In the end people won.

5. Save the Jungle Movement
The Jungle Bachao Andolan was started in 1982 in Singhbhum district of Bihar. Later this movement spread to Jharkhand and Orissa. The government had planned to convert the forests of Bihar into forests of teak trees. All the tribal tribes of Bihar united against this plan and launched the Jungle Bachao Andolan to save their forests.

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