27 साल के नाविद अफकारी की फांसी पर रोक लगाने के लिए हजारों एथलीटों ने ईरान सरकार से अपील की थी (फाइल फोटो )

The entire sports world in anger, hanged to champion wrestler despite worldwide protests

Thousands of athletes appealed to the Iran government to ban the hanging of 27-year-old Nawid Afkari (file photo)

Around 85,000 athletes, including US President Donald Trump, appealed to the government not to hang the star wrestler.

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new Delhi. The entire sports world is in a rage right now, because Iran’s champion wrestler, 27-year-old Navid Afkari, has been hanged by Iran. Iran also ignored the appeal of US President Donald Trump. It is being said that Nawid had participated in the anti-government protest, after which he had come under target of the government. Nawid was hanged for the death of a security guard at a demonstration in Shiraz. It is also alleged that Nawid was tortured and forced to accept the crime.

Earlier, the US President had tweeted and appealed not to hang Nawid. He said that if he forgives Nawid, he will be thankful to the leaders of Iran.

Won medal for country in Greco-Roman

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