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Rooster is cheaper in winter, but chicken is becoming increasingly expensive, know why

new Delhi. Demand for roasted and fry chicken makes the chicken expensive during the winter season. Apart from the wedding, the most demand is on the corner of hotel-restaurant and small-sized food. But this is the first time that hen and not hen is getting expensive due to demand. That too just double rate. According to the chicken market expert, the prices of poultry will increase now, while the rate of poultry will be slight difference. Nawab Ali, president of Chicken Market Expert and UP Poultry Farm Association, says, “Retired hen (less egg laying or less in these days last year) The sale of hen) used to range from Rs 30 to Rs 40 per kg. But due to the effect of corona, now this chicken is being sold for Rs 80 a kg. This chicken is more used in making chicken korma in marriage and hotel. But this year the laying hens are few, so as long as they are laying eggs, the poultry people are not selling them. Dana is also slightly cheaper than last year, so there is no big risk either. If 60 percent is laying eggs too, then there is no loss deal.

Boiled chicken is eaten in roasted and fry-Haji Akhlaq, the restaurant’s director, says boiler rooster is used for roasted and fry chicken. Because boiler chicken meat is soft compared to chicken. While the taste is highest in chicken.

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In October-November, the rate of boiler chicken ranges from 80 to 85 rupees per kg. But before the end of November, the boiler’s children grow up and the boiler rates start decreasing. But in October this year, the boiler was sold in bulk up to 120 rupees a kg. Now today it has come to 110 rupees kg. Due to Corona, a large number of chickens have been killed, so the rate is expected to decrease further. Know about boiler chicken business…Experts tell about the complete method of making the farm in this business, if starting from 500 chickens, then 500 square feet of space is required for it. To make the form, 28 feet width and 30 feet length is required. Also keep the height between the farm at least 10 feet and the height of the site 8 feet.

After making the farm, get the lattice attached to it, so that insects and mosquitoes like mosquito fly can be stopped. The form should be made from east to west. After making the form, lay the husk or sawdust in it. Spread the husk in the winter and rain and the thickness of the straw or powder should be kept two and a half inches.

Chickens are fed three types of diet, which increases their weight well. These diets are pre-starter, starter and finisher diets. First of all, pre-starter should be given, it contains 24 percent protein, which is given 10 days.

After that, the starter is given, the amount of protein in it is 22 percent, when it comes to 1 kg of weight in 17-18 days, then give it. After that the finisher diet is given. The amount of protein in it is 20 percent.

Many times farmers give grain to chickens in the morning and evening, do not do this at all. They should keep giving grains at 8-8 hours and also give water three times, so that they can get fresh water. Good hatchery and good quality chick should be purchased. Many types of birds have come up in India nowadays such as Hub Bird, Raas Bird. This is not suitable for the climate of India, therefore the chicken chick should be bought only for chicken.

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