खाली-पीली न‍िर्देशक मकबूल खान की फ‍िल्‍म है.

Ishaan Khattar and Ananya Pandey’s ‘Khali Yellow’ is a full-length masala film

The empty yellow director is a film of Maqbool Khan.

Khali Peeli Movie Review: Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Panday starrer ‘Khali Peeli’ has been released. This couple is seen together on the screen for the first time through this film. Know how this film is

Khali Peeli Movie Review: Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Panday starrer film Khali Peeli has been released a while back. Today is 2 October and the day of the holiday. In such a situation, if you are also planning to enjoy this day after watching the film, then you must read this review before watching it. Made with Ishaan Ananya’s fresh duo, the fun Mumbai language and the suspense of a bag of money, this film is completely a Bollywood masala film.

The story of ‘Khali Peeli Movie Review’ begins with Ishaan Khattar, a taxi driver who is taking a taxi on the night of a taxi strike in Mumbai, taking advantage of this taxi-strike and taking extra money from the passengers. In this greed, he takes Pooja i.e. Ananya Pandey in his car and starts the story of Bhagam. Ishaqi Khattar, the taxi driver, has himself run away after half-killing a taxi driver. There is also a connection of Pooja and Blackie in the story, to know which you will have to watch the film.

‘Khali Yellow’ is a full-on masala film that carries every flavor of Bollywood masala film, from dhansoon action to hanging-jerk songs. Many scenes of the film will spread smile on your face. The story is of one night and in the climax, even if it happens from day to night, there is nothing like draining. The most obvious point of the film is Fresh Chemistry of Ishaan and Ananya. This pair is new on screen and looks quite good too. There is a complete Mumbaia put in the dialog and if you like this tapori language of Mumbai then you will enjoy watching this film. However, if you sit too much on logging, then you will not be able to enjoy the masala film.

khaali peeli, ishaan khatterHindi cinema is made for the big screen and director Maqbool Khan has also made this film for viewing on the big screen. Although this film has been released on OTT during this era of Corona, such spice films are made on their songs, dialogues and action scenes to make the audience jump in the singles screen. Ishaan had tried the same way in his style and Ananya too is looking very confident in this film after some of his films.

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Talking about the shortcomings of the film, there is nothing new or unique in the story that you have not seen in any film before. Also, in the second half, things start to happen in your brain before being on the screen. As Blackie and Pooja are trapped in a traffic jam, they go to see the fair and try to escape from the police, but the next moment they start dancing at the stage.

First half of the film is fun. If you are a fan of Bollywood masala films, enjoy watching ‘Dhishum-Dhishum’, then this film is made for you only. I was supposed to give 2.5 stars to this film, but the rise of the half-star makes for Ishaan’s fun Mumbai.

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