लाल मिर्च रक्त में शर्करा के स्तर को नियंत्रित करने के साथ-साथ सूजन को भी कम करने में मदद करती है.

If you want longevity, then eat red chili, will also prevent the risk of cancer: Study

Red chili helps in controlling blood sugar levels as well as reducing inflammation.

Consuming more of red chili reduces the risk of diseases by a quarter. Scientists have described its sharp and pungent properties present in red chillies as beneficial for the body.

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Many people prefer to eat less chili-spiced diet instead of fast chilli. According to a study, regular intake of Red Chili Peppers increases the lifespan and also reduces the risk of premature death. According to the study, people who consume more red chillies reduce the risk of diseases by one-fourth. Scientists have described its sharp and pungent properties present in red pepper as beneficial for the body.

Controls the level of sugar in the body
According to scientists, red chili helps to control blood sugar levels and reduce tumors as well as inflammation. This study has been done on the basis of health and dietary records of about 57 thousand people globally, but on the basis of information voluntarily, like any other study, the results have been found to be uncharacteristic. Because researchers doing more personal studies need to establish which varieties of chili provide such protection or consume in quantities that are beneficial to the body.

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Growing taste of food
Scientists also said that fresh-dry and black pepper in food is also increasing the taste and at the same time salt consumption has been reduced. According to scientists excessive intake of salt causes blood pressure and heart disorders. But scientists have advised not to use readymade chili sauce and mixed spices. They say that they are high in sodium, which is not good for health. The lead author of the study said, ‘Regular consumption of red chillies can reduce the risk of many diseases in the body such as heart and cancer.

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