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Had to cut leg after collision with truck, still became world champion

Mansi Joshi is world championship gold medalist

Manasi Joshi of Rajkot is the world champion shuttler, won the gold medal in the Para Badminton Championship.

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new Delhi. Those who try not to cross the boat afraid of the waves, do not lose, this saying sits perfectly on Para Badminton World Champion Mansi Joshi. There was an incident in Mansi Joshi’s life that would have broken if it had happened to a common man, but this champion shuttler did not give up and earned the distinction of becoming a world champion with his hard work. Mansi Joshi’s story is an inspiration for those who fear defeat in difficult circumstances and give up. How to become a champion in the face of adverse circumstances, it is important to know that painful anecdote of Mansi Joshi.

Mansi Joshi … a champion
Mansi Joshi came into the limelight in the year 2019 when she won the gold medal in the World Championship held in Switzerland. (Para World Badminton Championship) However, in the story of Mansi Joshi becoming champion, there is such a pain that very few people know. The matter is about the year 2011 when Mansi fell victim to a road accident. She was going somewhere with her scooty and during this time she got hit by the truck. Mansi lost her leg in the accident. Mansi, who has been playing badminton since the age of just 9, has her whole career at stake. Although Mansi did not give up. These players stayed in the hospital for 50 days and started playing again with courage. Mansi decided to keep her dreams alive and then she started training at Hyderabad’s Pullela Gopichand Academy. Mansi told in an interview that at that time, she was only thinking that she had lost only one leg, even if the race was not worth it, there was no problem. After 4 months, she landed on the ground again with artificial legs.

As soon as he became a professional player, Mansi waved the victoryMansi became a professional player in the year 2014 and the next year she mixed in the Para World Championship in England. DWon silver medal of Bulls. This was his first major medal. After this, Mansi won the gold medal in the World Championship in 2019, the biggest point of her career. Mansi told how she used to work hard to win the gold medal. Mansi did not have a leg but despite this she used to take part in three practice sessions a day. Mansi worked on her fitness. Mansi’s muscles were strengthened by hard work and 6 gym sessions a week made him a champion player.

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