बाहर कसरत के दौरान हम ज्यादातर दौड़ना पसंद करते हैं. Image Credit: Pexels/Nathan-Cowley

Exercising in polluted air is dangerous for health, know what to do

We mostly like to run while exercising outside. Image Credit: Pexels / Nathan-Cowley

Exercise in polluted air poses many dangers. Even after wearing the mask, dust and dirt particles present in the air go in with breath. Due to this there is a possibility of problems in the lungs.

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Exercising outdoors brings many problems. However, Fresh Air and Sunlight increases your mood. Apart from this, it increases mobility and improves blood pressure level and also reduces the problem of insomnia. According to studies, when you choose a workout outside compared to indoors, then stick to the workout routine. When the air is poisonous, it becomes difficult to breathe. If you think that you should continue exercising in the air or not, then here are some important things.

Health concerns related to air pollution
Even after wearing a good quality mask, the dust and dirt particles present in the air go in you with breath. Due to this there is a possibility of problems in the lungs. In addition to the lungs, due to polluted air for a long time, there is a possibility of heart attack and stroke in addition to burning sensation in the eyes, nose and throat.

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We mostly do aerobic activities like running, cycling or walking while exercising outdoors. With this we take more oxygen inside with breath. It enters the lungs more deeply. We breathe large amounts of oxygen through the mouth. More dust and dirt particles go through the mouth than air going through the nose and they damage the lungs.

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What to do in winter?
Air quality often worsens in winter. In such a situation, exercising while staying indoors can be considered the appropriate option. If you decide to go out with sweat, even with a mask, you cannot save the eyes from pollution. When the level of pollution in the air increases, it is better to stay at home for maximum time. Children and the elderly need to be careful during this time. Activities like yoga, jogging and skipping can be done for fitness only by staying in your home. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please contact the concerned expert before implementing them)

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