Best cases for VR headsets- Technology News, Firstpost

Best cases for VR headsets- Technology News, Firstpost

July 19, 2021 0 By admin

Durable case

Keep an existing PlayStation VR headset and accessories protected with this sleek AmazonBasics Carrying case for PlayStation VR Headset and Accessories. With a hard-shell case made of rubber-like EVA and fabric material for maximum protection, the reliable storage case offers a tight, secure fit, safely holding a PS VR headset (any model) and providing protection against accidental bumps and dings—perfect when not in use or transporting gaming gear from one location to another. It has a durable zipper and a lightweight carrying handle.

Extra padding

Hyperkin Polygon PS4 “The Rook” Travel Carrying Case is made with extra protective foam padding, durable nylon fabric, and modular compartments for your PS4. Every journey begins with a single step: packing your PS4. Brave the elements with The Rook, a carrying case made with extra protective foam padding, durable nylon fabric, and modular compartments. The Rook includes storage for your PS4, six discs, controllers, cables, and whatever else you want to bring along. There is also a 4ft adjustable shoulder strap so you can take your PS4 on any kind of trek. Wherever your travels take you, gaming awaits.

Organizable pouch case

Nitho VR Case is a carrying bag compatible with most selling virtual reality headsets. It is made of the best quality materials and logical organization ensures your headset is stored safely. The integrated handle is comfortable nylon and the high resistance zips pouch cables organizer makes carrying it comfortable and easier. A flex wall separates accessories and cables from the headset and provides protection

Universal case

Blade Fr-tec Nintendo Switch VR Universal Storage and Carrying Case VR (PSVR) Headset and Accessories Bag consist of a softshell carry case with handle for equipment to perfect the control that contains two professional hilts for better grip, two caps for greater control and two triggers with two modes of use, precision mode and fast shooting. Take it anywhere you go. Protects against drops, spray, sun and scratches. Carrying and storage bag to keep VR goggles protected and organized.
Transport and organizer bag for PS4 VR gaming glasses Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.