Best robot vacuum cleaners for home use- Technology News, Firstpost

Best robot vacuum cleaners for home use- Technology News, Firstpost

July 12, 2021 0 By admin

Powerful and efficient
This smart robot vacuum comes packed with advanced technology and 12 intelligent sensors that accurately map and clean your home without knocking things over. With a supercharged battery under the hood, this device can clean homes up to 2150 sq ft on a single charge. It features a hybrid 300ml dust collection chamber as well as a 200ml liquid tank, so you won’t have to worry about sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping after the robot is done. In the box, you also get a charging dock, two reusable mops, side brushes and a cleaning tool. So if you’re looking for a capable vacuum robot for your home, choose this one.

Ideal for all rooms
Designed to vacuum and mop all surfaces, including wood, tile, and even carpets, this robot comes with a strong suction power of 2000Pa and a 200ml water tank. Setting up and customizing the cleaning process is easy through an app or voice commands. You can look forward to more free time as it doesn’t need any supervision thanks to the intelligent technology and advanced sensors inside. When the battery runs low, it automatically returns to the charging dock and continues cleaning where it left off after it finishes charging. For a robot vacuum cleaner that’s suited to all homes, we highly recommend buying this one.

For intense deep cleaning
Boasting four cleaning modes and three levels of suction, this robot vacuum makes keeping your home clean effortless. Apart from efficient room mapping, it features technology that automatically boosts the suction power as and when required. If you have allergies, you’ll appreciate that this device also comes with HEPA 12 filters that purify the air by trapping fine dust and pollen up to 0.1 microns in size. Other notable features of this fantastic device include a generous 600ml dust container, a microfiber mop, and a large water tank.
If you want a robot vacuum that consistently delivers impressive results, pick this one.

Best 3-in-1 vacuum robot
Equipped with UV technology, this device goes beyond a regular robot cleaner and can vacuum, mop and sanitize your floors at the press of a button. Manufactured by a respected brand, you won’t have to doubt its reliability. It features two brushes for efficient cleaning and smart sensors that help it avoid obstacles around the room. Additionally, you can select from various cleaning modes for custom cleaning and set cleaning schedules without hassles. For its efficiency, features, and ease of use, we find this device holds excellent value.
If you’re looking for a robot that cleans and eliminates germs, then your search ends here. sanitizes