Terrace House: Aloha State: 10 Best Housemates, Ranked

Terrace House: Aloha State: 10 Best Housemates, Ranked

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In the first spinoff set outside of Japan, the unscripted reality TV series, Terrace House: Aloha State, tracks six strangers living together in Honolulu, Hawaii, as they search for true love, make lasting friendships, and pursue their lifelong dreams. From 2016-2017, the series lasted for 36 episodes that were divided into four parts.

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Over the 36 episodes, 16 different people resided inside the lavish Terrace House, ranging from ages 18 to 29. Given their diverse personalities, some lasted far longer than others, some cooperated more than their contemporaries, while certain housemates made far more memories than the rest. All things considered, here’s who stood out the most in Terrace House: Aloha State.

10 Naomi Frank

Naomi at dinner table in Terrace House: Aloha State

Naomi Lorraine Frank barely bests Ryo Sekikawa for 10th place. While the latter made an impression by helping Taishi express his feeling for Chikako, he only spent the final seven weeks inside the house. On the other hand, Naomi was an original housemate who stayed for 10 weeks and helped establish the household vibe.

With one of the sweetest personalities in the entire season, Naomi came to Terrace House to practice her English, which she admitted was rusty. After showing a modest romantic interest in Eric, Naomi decided it was time to return to Japan once her English was up to snuff.

9 Niki Niwa

Niki and Guy at beach in Terrace House: Aloha State

While 20-year-old Japanese model Niki Niwa only lasted for nine weeks inside the house, her time was extremely memorable. After being courted by Taishi to no avail, Niki found a kindred spirit in professional surfer, Guy Sato. Their short-lived romance and mutual parting rank as a top-five moment on the show, and through it all, Niki never showed a negative bone in her body.

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Niki and Guy’s platonic friendship continued, even after she returned to Japan. Following his first-place surfing competition, Guy and Niki met and shared lunch in Japan. The two were comfortable enough around each other to be themselves.

8 Yuya Shibusawa

Yuya wears backwards hat in Terrace House: Aloha State

Eighteen-year-old aspiring actor Yuya Shibusawa had a knack for saying anything that came into his mind without a filter. This was both refreshingly honest and oftentimes crude, but at least he let the others know where he stood. All told, the original housemate lasted 22 episodes.

With a cool, laid-back demeanor, Yuya spent much of his time in the house attending school to hone his English skills so he could audition for international film roles. His romance with 26-year-old Avian Ku was so strong on the show was so strong the two decided to leave the house and begin a life together.

7 Yusuke Aizawa

Yusuke plays guitar in Terrace House: Aloha State

Also known by his stage name, Eden Kai, Yusuke Aizawa was a prodigious 18-year-old guitarist and ukulelist when he entered Terrace House. He uplifted the house with his gorgeous instrumentation, including a tearful goodbye song in Eric’s pop-up cafe.

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After seeing Lauren Tasi stun the audience during her fashion show catwalk, Yusuke grew enough nerve to ask her out. When their date did not go as planned, Yusuke opted to leave the house but stay in Hawaii to pursue his dreams. He was simply one of the kindest and easiest-going housemates.

6 Lauren Tsai

Lauren's black tears in Terrace House: Aloha State

Since spending four months in Terrace House, the impressive Lauren Tsai has become a bona fide actress who starred in the TV show Legion and the coming-of-age movie, Moxie. Her duration inside Terrace House, however, was marred by bad timing.

As the only housemate of non-Japanese descent, the 18-year-old model, artist, and actress showed romantic interest in Taishi, who was, in turn, drawn to Anna. Her reluctant date with Yusuke didn’t work out either, prompting her to move to Tokyo to pursue her modeling career. Although she was sweet-natured, Lauren was also a bit shy, reserved, and unwilling to really open up.

5 Eric De Mendonca

Eric on laptop in Terrace House: Aloha State

As the eldest original housemate, 27-year-old Eric De Mendonca exhibited the greatest maturity level in Terrace House. With an unflappable personality, Eric was also the most relatable due to his down-to-earth nature as a professional carpenter.

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Eric is also one of the few housemates to achieve his goal before departing the mansion. He designed, built, and opened a pop-up cafe in Honolulu and invited all of his housemates to christen the store. Eric also treated Cheri with nothing but respect and honesty, which unfortunately, was not reciprocated.

4 Chikako Fukuyama

Chika smiles in pool in Terrace House: Aloha State

The 28-year-old divorcee Chikako Fukuyama won the hearts of viewers by getting a second shot at true love. She also won the heart of Taishi Tamaki, whose primary goal in Terrace House was to “find a love worth dying for.”

While she only spent 11 weeks in the house, Chika opened herself up in the most vulnerable way imaginable. She met with her ex-husband, took things slowly with Taishi, and made viewers root for her genuine happiness every step of the way. She also had the maturity to confront Cheri, who demonstrated the worst behavior inside the house.

3 Guy Sato

Guy wears Volcom hat in Terrace House: Aloha State

Although Guy Sato spent just 19 out of the 36 weeks inside Terrace House, the 20-year-old professional surfer brought such a fun, free-wheeling energy to the house that viewers and fellow housemates alike were instantly drawn to him.

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With a loose “go with a flow” attitude, Guy injected a much-needed humorous vibe into the household. His surfing exhibitions and first-place competitions were among the most exciting and inspirational moments on the show. Moreover, Guy’s adorable romance with Niki felt the most natural and unforced.

2 Avian Ku

Avian sits at cafe in Terrace House: Aloha State

Despite being fluent in Japanese, 26-year-old Avian Ku was one of the only housemates to never live in Japan prior to joining Terrace House. The Hawaiian native with a bubbly personality, sweet-natured spirit, and disarming smile was an absolute pleasure to get to know.

After taking her time weighing the pros and cons, Avian eventually listened to her heart and began dating the 18-year-old Yuya. The two had a natural chemistry that allowed them to confidently leave the house together. Avian also achieved her goal of starting her own bikini line, ILA Swim.

1 Taishi Tamaki

Taishi horseback riding in Terrace House: Aloha State

After joining the house in week 5, aspiring Hollywood actor, Taishi Tamaki, became the longest-tenured housemate. He spent 27 weeks in the house, where he exhibited the entire color spectrum of his personality en route to becoming the de facto star of the series.

With a traditional, gentlemanly demeanor, Taishi was respectful, mature, and hospitable for most of his time in the house. Aside from one major blow-up with Yuya, Taishi ultimately found the “love worth dying for” he was in search of in Chikako. The two remained together for two years until calling it quits in 2019.

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