RHONJ: Every OG Housewife & Their Most Iconic Scene

RHONJ: Every OG Housewife & Their Most Iconic Scene

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Ever since The Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered in 2009, fans have been totally and completely hooked, excited about watching every new season. While some housewives have come and gone, there are many who are considered OGs as they appeared in the first few seasons and in some cases, returned briefly so fans could see what they were up to.

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There is so much to love about RHONJ, from how much fans enjoy watching the husbands to all of the vacations that the cast members go on each season. Every OG housewife has at least one moment that will always be remembered thanks to its dramatic nature.

7 Jacqueline Laurita: When She And Teresa Ended Their Relationship

There were many family members in the early seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Jacqueline was Caroline’s sister-in-law, and Caroline’s sister, Dina, was also a cast member. Jacqueline was close friends with Danielle and Teresa, and fans also saw her share that her son was autistic. She had many scenes with her husband, Chris, and daughter, Ashley, as well.

Jacqueline took a hiatus from the show and when she came back, viewers wondered if she and Teresa could recall the good old days of their super close friendship and put their differences behind them.

Jacqueline’s most iconic scene took place in the season 7 finale. While she wanted to make up with Teresa, Teresa told her that she wasn’t going to listen to her. Jacqueline said “Until she has the balls to talk to me one-on-one, then I’m done,” and walked away.

6 Kathy Wakile: When She Was Surprised That Teresa Compared Her To “Cancer”

Kathy Wakile on rhonj

Teresa’s cousins Kathy and Rosie were part of the early days of the reality show, and after they couldn’t fix their broken relationship, they left.

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Kathy’s last RHONJ is a totally heartbreaking and memorable one. When Teresa and her brother Joe got together with Kathy and Rosie to talk about the conflict that their family was experiencing, it definitely didn’t go well. Kathy said she wanted to “be a family” and Teresa said, “I want to cut the cancer out.” Kathy replied, “We’re not cancer.” This was Kathy’s most iconic scene, as she was trying to make things better, but the conversation only made things worse. Kathy was visibly hurt by being referred to as a terrible illness.

5 Danielle Staub: When She Pulled Margaret’s Hair

Danielle Staub The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Danielle Staub appeared in the early seasons of RHONJ and came back later as a friend. In season 1, she was close friends with Jacqueline and had lots of tension with Teresa. When she returned years later, she was planning her wedding to Marty and she was best pals with Margaret.

In a shocking scene, Danielle pulled Margaret’s ponytail in a store, and while Danielle has always been memorable on this reality show, this is the scene that everyone will forever associate with her. It was mean, immature, and shocking.

4 Caroline Manzo: When She Looked Into Danielle’s Past

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Teresa And Danielle (And 10 Other Iconic Feuds) caroline manzo danielle staub

It has been years since fans watched Caroline on RHONJ as she appeared on the show from the first to the fifth season.

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In the season 1 episode “Black & White and Read All Over,” Caroline came across a book called A Cop Without A Badge and talked about looking into Danielle’s past. Caroline was concerned that Danielle had been engaged so many times and worried about Danielle’s influence on the friend group. Caroline was so passionate about this subject that no one could forget it.

3 Dina Manzo: When She Tried To Be Zen About Danielle

RHONJ Dina Manzo

In the season 2 episode “Catty-Walk,” Dina wanted to be calmer after all the drama with Danielle, and she met with a zen expert. She wanted to get rid of all of that not-so-great energy.

This stood out and is her most iconic moment, especially since Dina was only on the show briefly and by the end of the second season, she was gone. She and Teresa were very good friends and it was always sweet seeing them together. Dina was much more chill than some other cast members. Viewers also loved when Teresa asked Dina to be her daughter Audriana’s godmother, which proved how close they were.

2 Melissa Gorga: When She Brought Teresa Sprinkle Cookies

Melissa and Joe Gorga RHONJ cropped

Melissa brought sprinkle cookies to a holiday celebration at Teresa’s house in the third season of RHONJ. Instead of saying thank you or being happy to serve them at the family event, Teresa actually threw them out.

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Melissa and Teresa have mentioned this fight since, and it seems that they can be totally light-hearted about it now. But while it may be water under the bridge, it’s hard to forget how quickly Teresa dismissed Melissa’s kind gesture. The two have often had trouble getting along, and this was another instance when Melissa wanted to be a family and Teresa was stubborn and upset. When fans see these two cast members being sweet to each other in more recent episodes, it’s easy to look back on their tension-filled relationship.

1 Teresa Giudice: When She Flipped The Table On Danielle

The most OG housewife of RHONJ has been around since the very start, and fans always remember Teresa’s quotes.

Teresa’s most iconic scene is when she flipped the table on Danielle. This is the scene that all Real Housewives fans think about the most and while it took place in the season 1 finale, which aired in June 2009, it’s still talked about today. Teresa was extremely mad at Danielle and the rumors that were constantly being talked about in their social circle, and she felt that she had to get her aggression and negative feelings out. No one could believe what they were watching.

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