New Girl: The 10 Best Decisions Schmidt Made

New Girl: The 10 Best Decisions Schmidt Made

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As a clear favorite of New Girl, the audience often finds themselves cheering for Schmidt. Sure, he makes a lot of mistakes along the way and has some negative qualities, but overall, he has a great heart. Even if he can be tough on his friends, he is a constant source of support for them, especially when it comes to later seasons of the show. He also just has such an intriguing story to follow, so it is always a pleasure when watching him in the series.

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Schmidt ultimately makes some very wise decisions, too. They are very important to be aware of, as they play a major role in his development as a character, as well as his overall happiness. In some cases, they even lead to him reversing some of his worst decisions. His spontaneous actions lead to a number of different results, which truly enhances the depth of his character.

10 When He Goes Into Nick’s Room Randomly

Nick and Schmidt meet

Schmidt is the real spark in his friendship with Nick. This is because he randomly goes into Nick’s room while he is sleeping, and wakes up him by eating dry ramen.

Although Nick seems to dislike him at first, this quickly changes and the pair get along quite well. Because of this initial move, Schmidt lives with Nick for over 10 years and also gets to be the best man at his wedding.

9 When He Slaps Spencer

Schmidt slaps Spencer in the face

When Jess needs to get her stuff back from Spencer’s house, it is very difficult for her. Although Spencer cheats on her, she is not over him, which makes it hard for her to stand up for herself. With the help of her new roommates, though, she changes that and confronts him.

When tension rises while there, Schmidt is quickly there to defend his new friend. He slaps Spencer across the face, which is immensely satisfying to fans. He helps Jess get her stuff back, while also strengthening their friendship.

8 When He Sneaks Into Prince’s Party

Jess and Prince talking at his party

After the rest of the gang successfully gets into Prince’s party, Schmidt finds himself as the odd man out. This is too much for him to handle, as he feels the guests there are more his equal.

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He ends up climbing the giant fence in Prince’s backyard and successfully finds his way in. This is a smart decision at the end of the day because it is what sparks him to become close to Cece again after he cheats on her, while also making him appreciate the rest of his friends more.

7 When He Breaks Up With Fawn

Schmidt and Fawn on a date

Schmidt and Fawn date each other to help their social status. Schmidt, at first, is elated by this, as he feels it will be what helps him become more successful. However, the two just do not have genuine feelings for one another.

Schmidt eventually realizes that this is not the type of dynamic he wants, so he calls things off with her. This is an extremely important decision for him, as it shows how much he progresses in the series. Also, with this, he later learns that Cece is still in love with him.

6 When He Gets His $5 Bill Back

Cece telling Schmidt to put $5 in the jar

As a way to get over Cece, Schmidt decides to throw away all of the memories he has with her. This includes a $5 bill that he has in his pocket the day that he says he will marry her. Cece, of course, is not a fan of this gesture originally and makes him put it in the Douchebag Jar.

However, after throwing it away, he quickly realizes that he makes a mistake and he has to fight to get it back. As a result, Schmidt pays $500 to get the $5 back, but it ends up being an immensely smart decision.

5 When He Proposes To Cece

Schmidt proposes to Cece

After retrieving his $5 bill, Schmidt uses it to propose to Cece. It comes as a huge shock when he does this, as the two have not even officially gotten back together. However, Schmidt takes a giant leap and it ends up paying off.

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Cece immediately says yes, and the two finally move past the will-they-won’t-they stage. This leads to Schmidt finally being with the woman he truly loves, as things completely fall into place.

4 When He Rekindles His Relationship With His Dad

Schmidt and his dad rekindling their relationship

Schmidt has a tough childhood, as his father is not present during it. This still impacts him as an adult, so Nick is quite protective of him when his dad, Gavin, comes around again. This is due to the fact that he finds out that Schmidt is going to marry Cece.

After Nick has a stern talking with Gavin, it leads him to actually stay true to his word with Schmidt. Thus, the pair end up rekindling their relationship and Gavin even books his wedding venue for him. It is amazing to see, as it puts an end to a very hard chapter in Schmidt’s life.

3 When He Keeps Calling Cece’s Mom

Cece and her mom fighting about Schmidt

When Cece’s mom finds out about her being proposed to by Schmidt, she immediately rejects him. She states that she will not attend the wedding, and Cece cuts off all communication with her.

Schmidt works relentlessly to convince her mom to attend the wedding, and he calls her every week and leaves messages about why she should go. He is successful in his efforts, as she shockingly shows up for the ceremony. Schmidt, on the other hand, ends up missing the original one because he tries to go to Portland to get her to come.

2 When He Quits His Job To Be With Ruth

Schmidt and Ruth hanging out together

In the final season, Schmidt and Cece now have a daughter named Ruth. In a shocking turn of events, the audience learns that Schmidt no longer works for his marketing firm and is instead a stay-at-home dad.

However, he does end up going back for a day and is originally excited. Yet, the whole time while there, he only thinks about being with Ruth. As a result of missing her, he decides that he is far happier away from his job. Thus, he goes back to solely taking care of his daughter, which is just so refreshing.

1 When He Lets Nick Shave His Mustache

Schmidt has Nick shave his mustache

When Nick sees Schmidt for the first time since his book tour, he is angered to see that the latter now has a mustache. Nick tries hard to tell him how he feels about it and immediately spills the beans. This leads to the two getting into an argument.

However, afterward, Nick explains that he hates it because he misses his upper lip. This makes Schmidt happy, and he decides to let Nick shave it off to make him feel better. Although it is a humorous exchange, it does show how close these two truly are.

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