Yara Flor Has A Problem With Being Called “Wonder Girl”

Yara Flor Has A Problem With Being Called “Wonder Girl”

May 20, 2021 0 By admin

In Wonder Girl #1, Yara Flor expresses displeasure for being called a girl, so hopefully she’ll become Wonder Woman like she was in Future State.

Yara Flor doesn’t like being called a girl, so she probably wouldn’t appreciate the fact that “Wonder Girl” is emblazoned on the cover of her debut issue outside of Future State.

Originally branded as Wonder Woman in DC’s months-long event detailing many possible futures, Yara Flor took on the seemingly insurmountable mission in Future State of saving her warrior sister from Hades himself. Now, she begins her forays as Wonder Girl in the present day by exploring her origins in Brazil to uncover the mysteries of her past. And, by all accounts, it’s a bloody one, as revealed in Wonder Girl #1 by Joëlle Jones.

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Of course, disaster strikes upon Yara’s arrival to her homeland, an inevitable turn of events that forces Yara Flor to show off her undeniable superhero skills. But after she saves the day in epic fashion, the Amazonian warrior is allowed to return to the main focus of her stay: Participating in a guided group tour. Unfortunately, that experience ended up being not as perfect as she had originally hoped, for she quickly becomes the victim of an annoying online personality who decides to film another episode of his show Kickin’ It With Kevin.

Before she knows it, Yara Flor is an unwitting participant in the web show as the titular host points his camera towards her and asks, “What do you say, girl? Is Iguaçu Falls worth the trip,” to which an unamused Yara responds, saying, “Last time I checked I’m a grown woman Kev. I’m not your girl.

Like Yara Flor, readers might have a problem with her being referred to as a girl, but in their case, their point of contention is the “girl” in Wonder Girl, as she was originally known as Wonder Woman in Future State. While the demotion might seem blatantly unnecessary at first, further exploration suggests that the change acts as a rather effective plot device. It opens the possibility of something incredible happening to Yara Flor, like some sort of rite of passage, where she enters a girl and emerges a woman.

Remember, Future State takes place in the future, as the name suggests. So even though the events of Future State are not set in stone, what readers know for certain is that at least one thing will happen to Yara Flor from now until the time in which Future State takes place. And now there’s a possibility that one of these things could be so monumental that it will demand that Yara Flor get promoted from Wonder Girl to Wonder Woman. Who knows? Maybe the rather unpleasant situation that Yara Flor finds herself in at the end of the debut issue could be what sets all of this in motion.

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