Why It’s Such A Good Choice

Why It’s Such A Good Choice

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The Sentinel class is a powerhouse of Biotic and Tech powers in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and here’s why it’s one of the best options available.

Mass Effect is all about player choice, and one of the most important choices is what class the player decides to roll with. Mass Effect has six character classes to choose from, and the most versatile of them all is the Sentinel class. Equipped with both Tech and Biotic abilities, the Sentinel class is able to adapt to any combat situation. When used strategically, Mass Effect Sentinels can be a dangerous force on the battlefield.

Much like Mass Effect’s Adept class, the Sentinel possesses biotic capabilities. Biotics is the term used for individuals who have been exposed to Element Zero and have developed telekinetic-like powers as a result. Through this power, Biotics are able to manipulate matter all the way down to a molecular level. However, the Sentinel class is not as proficient with biotics as the Adept or Vanguard class. Instead, Mass Effect’s Sentinel is more focused on providing support for themselves and their squad. Sentinels have access to a unique ability, Barrier, which allows them to summon a biotic field around themselves and their allies to protect them from incoming fire. With this added on top their medical knowledge, players will find that Sentinels are best used as a support class.

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Another key part of the Sentinel’s arsenal is their Tech abilities. Being set in the far future, the Mass Effect series has some outlandishly advanced pieces of tech, and this includes the omni-tool. Mass Effect’s omni-tool is a holographic gauntlet that is as common in the future as a smartphone. This device is capable of just about anything and is a perfect match for the Sentinel. A key part of Mass Effect’s combat is using abilities strategically to maintain control of a fight.

Mass Effect Sentinels Are Team Players

Shepard, Ashley, and Liara fight from cover in Mass Effect 3

With the omni-tool, Mass Effect Sentinels have access to Tech powers that allow them to disable and debilitate their enemies. One of these powers include Sabotage, which allows the Sentinel to overheat an enemy’s weapon and cause burn damage. Another ability the Sentinel can use is Overload, which will disable the shields of most enemies and deal severe damage to synthetic foes such as the Geth. While the Sentinel isn’t as proficient with weapons as the other Mass Effect classes, they more than make up for this by being a Swiss Army knife of abilities during a firefight.

The important thing to remember in Mass Effect Legendary Edition is that the Sentinel is a team player. On their own, they lack the survivability and damage output of other classes. However, their versatility is what makes them an invaluable part of the squad. For players who like to focus on strategy and having the most options available to them, the Sentinel is a perfect fit. Best of all, character carries across all three Mass Effect games, so players will get to see their Sentinel evolve into a powerful Jack-of-all-Trades.

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