Why Cameran Eubanks Might Make A Return Next Season

Why Cameran Eubanks Might Make A Return Next Season

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Cameran Eubanks is open to appearing on the new season of Southern Charm if she is asked back. However, she does not plan on making a full return.

If asked, Cameran Eubanks is open to appearing on the upcoming season of Southern Charm. Cameran left the series before season seven began to film after she felt “icky” about where the show was headed. Around the same time, a cheating rumor involving her husband, Jason Wimberly, began to circulate, leading many to believe the rumor was the reason for her departure. However, Cameran insists she made her decision not to return well before the scandal became public.

The mother of one appeared on the Bravo series from season one t0 six before making her exit. Cameran was an important part of the series, as she was not only the narrator, but she also had close ties with several of her castmates. For most of her time on camera, Cameran filmed with her closest friends on the cast, Shep Rose and Craig Conover. However, her priorities in life changed after she welcomed her daughter Palmer, who is now three years old. While she can’t see herself returning as a full-time cast member, Cameran might be willing to make an appearance.

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In an exclusive interview with Heavy, Cameran spoke about possibly making an appearance on Southern Charm in the future. “I don’t know,” Cameran said. “We’ll see if they invite me, but I don’t know, I haven’t even thought about it.” An appearance from Cameran would be natural, seeing as she is close friends with Shep, Craig, and even new cast member Leva Bonaparte. For now, the author is putting a pin in her reality TV days, but isn’t opposed to returning to the platform in the future. “I would do something on television that was non-drama related if it was offered to me,” she told the news outlet. “Maybe like home and garden television or something like that? That’s more my speed these days.”

Right now, Cameran is enjoying life without any cameras in her face and is focused on raising her little girl. She is also focusing on other projects she would like to do in the future. Cameran hopes to one day write a children’s book before she ever decides to make a comeback to reality TV. However, she still keeps in close contact with many of her former castmates, especially Shep, who she reunited with earlier this month. Shep has spoken to Cameran about potentially leaving the show and not returning for season eight, but Cameran doesn’t think he will follow through with it. “You know, Shep called me, I don’t know, a month ago,” she said to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “And he was picking my brain on how life has been without cameras in my face […] But I don’t think he will. I think he’ll stay on. I think Shep has grown a lot. He has a girlfriend now; he’s in a different stage in his life now […] I don’t think he’ll leave.”

There is a chance Cameran will make an appearance on season eight of Southern Charm if they ask her to. She is still close with Shep and Craig and is also friendly with newbie Leva. Her appearance would be organic within the show, as she has several close connections to the series. However, if she does make a small return, it will be the last from Cameran for a while.

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