Valheim Japanese Megabase Built In the Mountains Is Gorgeous

Valheim Japanese Megabase Built In the Mountains Is Gorgeous

May 20, 2021 0 By admin

Another ingenious Valheim builder introduces a bit of Japanese flavor to the Viking-themed game by building a whole Asian mountain base.

Another extremely talented Valheim builder has constructed a whole mountain base in the distinctive Japanese style. That’s quite an upgrade compared to one of the latest similar builds that consisted of just a single compact temple.

One of the recent attempts to bring a bit of Japanese flavor into Valheim’s Viking setting resulted in an amazing Asian temple built by a player in a picturesque location. The build turned out to be quite immersive and atmospheric, mostly because the shrine’s interior was brilliantly matching the overall style. Players were amazed by the nice detailing, asking the author to share their tips on how to create such a compact yet impressive structure. This next project, however, incorporates a noticeably larger scale in the very same Japanese style.

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Courtesy of Redditor SiLVRViRUS, the recent impressive Valheim build is a whole Japanese medieval base located on top of a mountain. The facility includes a pagoda-style temple, a couple of graceful towers, and several recognizable torii, which is a term for Japanese traditional gates. The builder made clever use of red banners thus giving the castle a more authentic, Asian-style look. It’s quite a shame that Valheim doesn’t allow players to dye their structures, forcing them to discover roundabouts and ingenious tricks like the one used by SiLVRViRUS to introduce the sensation of color to the project. According to players, the atmospheric mountain build gives them strong Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice vibes, which is totally understandable considering the events of that game took place in feudal Japan with its distinctive architecture.

Valheim Japanese Megabase In the Mountains

Yet another recent Valheim build of a medieval base by the mountain was performed by a devoted Lord of the Rings fan. The player invested a lot of time and effort into an accurate recreation of the Helm’s Deep stronghold known as Hornburg. The massive in-game replica appeared to be almost flawless, although Valheim’s height limit prevented the impressive keep’s tower from being authentically tall. Despite that minor discrepancy, the project turned out to be absolutely admirable.

Without a doubt, it’s amazing how far the Valheim building community has come since the game was initially released on Steam Early Access a few months ago. It’s quite possible that developers never intended the game’s mechanics to be used to create such incredible architectural masterpieces. It is worth mentioning, though, that Iron Gate Studios has recently recognized the ingenuity of its players, which probably implies that the team will introduce new building assets and possibilities with future updates to give fans new creative tools.

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Valheim is available on PC.

Source: SiLVRViRUS/Reddit

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