The Original Guardians Of The Globe & Their DC Counterparts

The Original Guardians Of The Globe & Their DC Counterparts

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Amazon Prime’s newest series, Invincible, is based on the comic series by Robert Kirkman of the same name and is a coming of age story that takes inspiration from various other pieces of comic book media to bring a unique and fresh take on the genre.

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As a result, some of the characters in the series are similar to other popular comic book characters that already exist. Specifically, the primary superhero group of the universe, the Guardians of the Globe, seems to be an obvious parody of several characters from DC comics who are all members of the Justice League.

7 Red Rush: The Flash

Red Rush From Invincible And The Flash From DC

Almost immediately, it’s easy to realize that Red Rush is a lot like the Flash aka Barry Allen. Both characters are speedsters with the ability to move incredibly fast and both also share a red color scheme when it comes to their costumes, although the Flash’s costume often features yellow accents and a lightning bolt logo while Red Rush’s costume is just different shades of red with two R’s for the symbol.

The first obvious difference is that Red Rush, whose real name is Josef, is actually Russian while Barry isn’t. Another difference is when Barry runs, he leaves a trail of bright yellow lightning behind him, however, when Josef is using his superspeed all that is seen is a red blur.

6 Aquarus: Aquaman

Aquarus From Invincible And Aquaman From DC

Out of all the Justice League members, Aquaman is the one that has been parodied and made fun of the most so it makes sense that Aquarus is based on him. In addition to the fact that both of them are the Kings of the underwater city of Atlantis, both can breathe underwater and on land and both have hydrokinesis which allows them to bend and control water.

While Arthur is only capable of Hydrokinesis while using the trident of Poseidon, Aquarus can use that power without any necessary tools and can even directly generate and blast water from his hands. Besides the ways their powers differ, the biggest contrast between them is in their appearance since Aquarus is more fish than human, complete with fins and webbed feet, while Aquaman is much more human.

5 Green Ghost: Green Lantern

Green Ghost From Invincible And Green Lantern From DC

Despite the fact that Green Ghost is based on Green Lantern, she is the character that is least like her DC counterpart in the series due to the fact that some of her powers had been changed for the show. In the comics, Green Ghost has the ability to create energy constructs as the Green Lanterns do but since that power isn’t used in the series, her primary ability is becoming intangible, allowing her to move herself and others through solid objects.

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Another difference between the characters that is actually accurate to the comics is that instead of a ring that is fueled by willpower, Green Ghost gets her powers from a small green stone that she swallows.

4 Martian Man: Martian Manhunter

Martian Man From Invincible And Martian Manhunter From DC

If their names didn’t make it clear enough, Martian Man and Martian Manhunter are basically the same. Both characters originate from the planet Mars, however, while Martian Manhunter is the last of his kind in the DC universe, Martian Man’s homeworld is confirmed to be full of other Martians when Mark visits the planet while overseeing a NASA mission. In addition to their names being similar, they also share a few powers, specifically, flight and the ability to shapeshift.

While Martian Manhunter often uses his shapeshifting ability to look like other people, Martian Man mostly uses his to stretch and contort his body, allowing him to wrap himself around his enemies. Those seem to be his only real powers they share considering Martian Manhunter has various other abilities like invisibility and can even rival Superman in strength.

3 War Woman: Wonder Woman

War Woman From Invincible And Wonder Woman From DC

Another member whose name is similar to the DC character they’re based on is War Woman, who is inspired by Wonder Woman. The two both have essentially the same powers, enhanced strength, enhanced durability, and flight. While they are different colors, the design and style of their armors are also pretty similar but their weapons of choice are not.

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While Wonder Woman usually uses a sword or her lasso of truth in combat, War Woman instead uses a mace which is a weapon typically used by another Justice League member, Hawkgirl. Another aspect of War Woman that could be a nod to Wonder Woman is the fact that her alter-ego, Holly, is a CEO of a business located in Boston during her free time which could be a reference to the unaired 2011 Wonder Woman pilot which showed Diana as a CEO as well.

2 Darkwing: Batman

Darkwing From Invincible And Batman From DC

The character that is closest to their DC counterpart is Darkwing, who is a parody of Batman. Much like how Batman has no superhuman abilities, Darkwing is the only member of the Guardians without any actual powers. Instead, he relies on his skills in hand-to-hand combat and on a series of gadgets he has, including a glider that he uses to get around since he isn’t capable of flight.

It’s even shown that, while the other members of the Guardians deal with more powerful villains while acting on their own, he focuses more on street-level criminals. Their costumes are also basically the same since they both feature dark colors, a cape, and a utility belt. The only real difference between them is that the person in the Darkwing costume is Black while Bruce Wayne is traditionally white in the comics.

1 The Immortal: Superman

The Immortal From Invincible And Superman From DC

While The Immortal isn’t as close to Superman as most of the other characters are to their DC counterparts, the similarities are still there. Both characters are the leaders and the strongest members of their teams with similar powers, super speed, super strength, invulnerability, and, most importantly, flight. However, the differences in their powers are that The Immortal doesn’t have Superman’s freeze breath, laser vision, or his super senses.

Also, The Immortal has the power to not age at all while Superman just ages at a much slower rate. As far as costumes go, both characters also feature the first letter of their superhero identity in the design of their suits with the “S” being plastered across Superman’s chest and the stem of the “I” appearing on the Immortal’s chest while his head comes out of the section meant to represent the dot of the “I.”

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