The Justice League Have Never Been More Powerful

The Justice League Have Never Been More Powerful

May 20, 2021 0 By admin

The Justice League has some of DC’s most powerful characters, and in a new comic, they just got their biggest power upgrade of all time.

Warning: contains spoilers for Justice League #61

DC’s Justice League is one of the most powerful superhero teams of all time. Though the League’s membership constantly rotates, regular members such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash are a cut above most other superheroes. Given their immense power, it’s difficult to imagine how they could grow any more strong. In a new comic though, visiting a new dimension gives a few League members more power than ever before.

With the birth of the new DC Omniverse, come threats unlike anything the Justice League has faced before. The newest would-be world conqueror is an interdimensional warlord named Brutus. Arguably stronger than Superman, Brutus teleported to Earth expecting an easy world to conquer. As strong as he was though, he was still no match for the combined might of the Justice League, causing him to flee back to his home dimension. This eventually brings the League to the only person they know from Brutus’ dimension, the new hero Naomi. The League then has the Flash construct an interdimensional treadmill to transport them to Brutus and Naomi’s home dimension.

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Now, in Justice League #61 by Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez, and Tamra Bonvillain, something goes wrong and scatters the League across the new dimension. Torn apart by a war between superpowered beings, the inhabitants of this dimension are far from friendly when Black Canary lands in the rubble of their city. They taunt and threaten to kill her, to which Dinah responds with her trademark Canary Cry. Far from its usual strength though, her supersonic attack is now strong enough to level an entire city block. Though Canary is amused by this, this power boost isn’t a benefit for every member. Up in the sky, Superman has lost control of his heat-vision, forcing him to fly with his hand covering his eyes.

Black Canary and Superman are far from the only ones who experience this power-up though, as Hawkgirl, Naomi, and Black Adam all see an increase in strength. On the other end of the spectrum is Aquaman, who woke up in the new world and immediately passed out. It’s not outright stated, but much like Superman, it’s possible that enhancing his natural abilities has made him entirely reliant on water. Still, though the enhancements to Black Canary, Naomi, Hawkgirl, and Black Adam appear to be more than enough to make up for the loss of Superman and Aquaman.

One of the most exciting things about this new dimension’s upgrade is that the Justice League are finally in a place where they can truly cut loose. Even with their powers at normal levels, most members of the League have to hold back for fear of gravely injuring the people they fight. In a world already torn apart by superpowered beings though, and with their powers turned up to eleven, the Justice League has a chance to unleash everything they have and then some.

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