The Flash’s Biggest Villains All Just Returned

The Flash’s Biggest Villains All Just Returned

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In The Flash #770, Wally West is transported by the Speed Force to another speedster, only this time he ends up at a Legion of Doom meeting!

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Flash #770

In The Flash #770, Wally West finds himself in the body of The Flash‘s nemesis, surrounded by the Legion of Doom! In this issue, Wally West traveled back to World War II in the body of the original Flash, Jay Garrick. Fighting alongside the Ray, they are able to stop the evil forces at hand and prevent the Speed Force-induced Spear of Destiny from wreaking havoc. This is just the next step in Wally West’s mysterious journey throughout time. The Speed Force throws an evil bigger spanner in the works by the end of the issue as Wally finds himself being inducted into the Legion of Doom!

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The Legion of Doom is a supervillain team organized for one reason only, to defeat the Justice League. They were first introduced in Challenge of the Super Friends, an animated TV show from Hanna-Barbera. Since then, the Legion has been incorporated in DC Comics’ main continuity. The roster of villains, over the years, has changed many times. However, the original set of villains from the animated show just made their big return in this issue of The Flash.

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In The Flash #770 by Jeremy Adams, Jackson Herbert, Brandon Peterson, and Micheal Atiyeh, the original Legion of Doom just returned. However, it comes with a twist. As the Reverse Flash is being inducted into the Legion, he is taken over by Wally West. That’s right, Wally just possessed Barry Allen’s greatest enemy, the Reverse-Flash himself. Will Wally play along with the charade of him being Reverse Flash or will he put a stop to the Legion of Doom? Those are some of the questions that will be racing through readers’ minds after this issue.

Fans of the original Legion of Doom are in for a big surprise as the drawing style of the final panel matches that of the TV show. Surrounding Reverse Flash are some of the key villains that make up the Legion. Leading the group, as usual, is Lex Luthor, seen sporting his iconic purple outfit from the show. To his left, Solomon Grundy looms large, along with Cheetah’s claws which protrude in from the edge of the panel. A usual Batman villain, Riddler, sits next to Aquaman’s Black Manta. The Riddler is fully dressed up in his green and purple get-up, whilst Black Manta wears his iconic suit and helmet. Reverse Flash isn’t the only Flash villain to be present, Captain Cold is also there. Rounding out the Legion of Doom is Scarecrow, one of Infinite Frontier‘s biggest villains.

However, things aren’t usual in this time period as emphasized by the shift in art style. That isn’t the normal Scarecrow that readers have been frequently seeing in Batman‘s comics. Likewise, Lex Luthor looks nothing like his current counterpart. Something is off and Wally West is in the thick of it. Fans can get excited to see the original Legion of Doom and what Wally will do as Reverse Flash in The Flash‘s next issue, coming June 15. The Flash #770 is available in comic book shops and on digital platforms now.

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