Summer House: Clues Paige DeSorbo Lives Rent-Free

Summer House: Clues Paige DeSorbo Lives Rent-Free

May 20, 2021 0 By admin

Summer House fans are convinced that Paige DeSorbo lives rent-free due to how much she promotes her building in her social media posts.

Fans of Summer House have recently wondered if Paige DeSorbo actually pays rent. There are a lot of perks that come with being a celebrity, including the opportunity to live rent-free. The show star is often seen tagging her building in her social media posts. This makes it seem as if she’s advertising.

Paige has been under heightened scrutiny in recent weeks, following the Summer House season five reunion. Now that Hannah Berner has become the show’s new villain, Paige is considered guilty by association. This is due to her BFF relationship with her Giggly Squad podcast co-host. Now, with Hannah announcing her show exit last week, viewers are discussing whether Paige will return or follow in her friend’s footsteps. Paige was criticized for being a distant girlfriend to Perry Rahbar (they are now exes) and was recently blasted for defending Hannah, despite Hannah’s poor behavior on and offscreen. Considering how much fans have been shading Paige since the reunion aired, it was only a matter of time before her personal life became a target.

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One Redditor recently brought attention to “Paige’s apartment” in a Reddit thread that detailed why they think she lives rent-free. “So clearly she’s living in her apartment for free or a seriously reduced price,” the person claimed. They added, “I know in one of the last Giggly Squad episodes I listened to she acted demure when a listener asked if she was getting her rent comped to advertise the building.” They went on to note how the Bravo star is “always tagging her building in posts & now she did a tour today of the amenities?! Come on…we aren’t stupid.”  When reviewing her Instagram posts, Paige is the top tagger of the Hollingsworth building in NYC.

The ritzy building is described as being “nestled in the heart of NYC” with “your favorite restaurants, historic landmarks, and co-working spaces are just an arms reach away”, according to Agency in Pursuit. It’s possible that the reality star might’ve worked out a deal in exchange for all the social media promo. Other show fans joined the discussion and couldn’t understand why Paige would reveal the building where she lives. “If I were a semi-celeb, I’d never let people know where I live,” one person said. “It’s probably a doorman building, or large enough that no one can find her actual apartment,” added someone else. Of course, this is all speculation, but the clues do seem to tell a story.

It’s clearly a risk for a star like Paige, who is a fashion expert and podcaster, to divulge such personal information about her whereabouts. However, it is likely that the building has a doorman and security on hand. “Very obvious,” said someone else. “Assuming part of her rent is sponsored in return for her to post/tag it on instagram she should have her posts tagged with #ad That being said I wouldn’t mind those amenities.” Fans think that the jig is up. Onlookers are aware of Paige’s possible rent-free or reduced-rent lifestyle. Living in NYC is expensive, so most Summer House fans will totally understand. If she wants to do the work of promoting, in exchange for lower rent or no rent, that is her choice.

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Source: RedditAgency in Pursuit

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