Phasmophobia Update Will Introduce Two New Ghost Types

Phasmophobia Update Will Introduce Two New Ghost Types

May 20, 2021 0 By admin

A new update for Phasmophobia will add two new ghost types, Yokai and Hantu. New daily challenges and quality-of-life features are teased.

The psychological horror game Phasmophobia will be getting an update that introduces two new ghost types. The new ghosts will arrive with the next beta patch along with other quality-of-life features. No release date for the patch has been announced.

In Phasmophobia, teams of up to four players take on the role of amateur ghost hunters. They explore typical horror locations, like schools and haunted houses, attempting to identify ghosts to make money. Phasmophobia players use a variety of tools to label the specters, including their own voice through an Ouija board and other devices. Eventually, the spirits will grow increasingly hostile and begin hunting the players in retaliation.

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Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games tweeted an image of their public Trello board (via Polygon), revealing the next two ghosts will be Yokai and Hantu. Visiting the Trello board reveals how the two new spirits will be interacted with by players, along with their strengths and weaknesses. It also teases that new daily challenges will be available after the update. There will also be a way to reset a game file if it becomes corrupted.

Yokai is the Japanese word for ghost. There are several varieties of Yokai, many being important parts of Japanese folklore. Phasmophobia‘s Yokai will typically be found in family homes and are attracted to the players’ voices. While they will anger if players talk too much around them, it has a limited hearing range when hunting. The best pieces of evidence to use on Yokai are the Spirit Box, Ghost Orb, and Ghost Writing.

On the other hand, Hantu translates to “spirit” in Indonesian. Traditionally, it refers to nature spirits, but modern usage equates it to any ghost or demon. For their Phasmophobia iteration, they will be rare spirits that only spawn in warm environments. Cold weather is their time to strike, and they gain a speed boost when moving through lower temperatures. However, heat will slow them down. Players are advised to use Fingerprints, Ghost Writing, and the Ghost Orb when cataloging the Hantu.

Players on Twitter are already excited, with many hoping the update will breathe some new life into the world of the dead. A few are making references to Yokai Watch, while others hope the new ghosts are respectful to their origins. While there’s no word on when the update will release, fans are hopeful they won’t have to wait too long to investigate these new specters.

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Phasmophobia is available now on PC through Steam.

Source: Phasmophobia/Twitter, Polygon

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