Mass Effect 2: How to Make Samara Loyal

Mass Effect 2: How to Make Samara Loyal

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition improves on the original in several ways. This bundle includes all three games in the trilogy and allows players to either go the entire way through or skip around via an interactive comic book. The anthology also has balance chances and resolves major bugs.

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Those that want the best outcome to the trilogy will need to work on gaining the loyalty of their crew. One such member is Samara, an Asari Justicar. By helping her track down a dangerous criminal, Shepard will earn the trust of biotic master.

Morality Requirements in Mass Effect 2

Samara’s loyalty mission works differently than others available in the game. It features no combat but relies heavily on both Paragon and Renegade checks. Failing these morality checks can cause the mission to suddenly end and result in Samara staying disloyal. This means that Shepard will need a considerable reputation before undergoing this loyalty mission. To ensure more points, Shepard should be of signification level and gain rank 3 in the following class powers, all of which grant a large bonus percentage of Paragon and Renegade points:

  • Soldier: Combat Mastery
  • Engineer: Tech Mastery
  • Adept: Biotic Mastery
  • Infiltrator: Operative
  • Vanguard: Assault Mastery
  • Sentinel: Defender

Players that lack enough power points to achieve rank 3 should either postpone Samara’s mission until later, or potentially use the Tactical Shift training upgrade to refund all power points. This does cost 2,500 Eezo per use, but will be worth the price. Players can then retrain again after concluding the mission.

Even with retraining, players should consider doing other missions first to raise Shepard’s base Paragon and Renegade scores. Players can gain a large amount of morality points by already recruiting Thane, Tali, and Kasumi, along with completing major side missions like Lair of the Shadow Broker. Most importantly, players may want to wait until after the Collector Ship, as it both gives heft morality points and is a forced storyline intermission. Points can also be gained by simply talking to crewmates on the Normandy.

The Ardat-Yakshi in Mass Effect 2

After recruiting Samara on Illium, speak to her on the Normandy several times to learn about her past. Once all of her dialogue has been expended, head to the bridge and Kelly Chambers will inform Shepard that Samara has more to talk about. Head back to Samara and she will inform you that she is hunting one of her daughters, Morinth, who is an Ardat-Yakshi: a sort of Asari succubus that kills their victims via pleasure.

Nef’s Apartment

Players will now need to fly to Omega and speak to Aria T’Loak in the Afterlife bar. There will be some alternate dialogue if Samara is currently in the party. Regardless, Shepard will be informed that a recently deceased woman named Nef may have been killed by Morinth. Players should head to the Omega apartments and speak to Diana, Nef’s mother. She will allow Shepard to investigate, but can also reward extra mortality points for various interrupts.

Inside the apartment look for four clues scattered around of datapads and a statue. In all, Shephard will need to find the keywords of the name Jaruut, Hallex narcotics, the artist Forta, and the vid film Vaenia. Players will learn that Nef met Morinth at Afterlife’s private VIP section.

Afterlife VIP Lounge

Head to the back entrance of Afterlife and tell the bouncer “Jaruut” to get into the private area. Samara will temporally leave the party, but explain that she will scout around for signs of Morinth. Players can speak to Samara about clues they have gathered so far or other things that will help track Morinth. Before entering the main area proper, talk to Vij standing in the hall to learn about the band Expel 10.

Once inside, Shepard will have six potential tasks to complete to get Morinth’s attention. After three are done successfully, the mission will move on and the remaining will no longer be an option. If four are failed, Morinth will flee and the mission will abruptly end. Players should choose carefully from the following:

  • Convince bartender Edwin: tell Edwin that you’ll buy a round of drinks for everyone. This does not actually deduct any of Shepard’s credits. Alternately, use a Paragon check to convince Edwin to serve a round on the house, which will reward more Paragon points.
  • Dance with Waera: pass a Charm check to dance with the Asari patron. Other options will cause Shepard to embarrass themselves.
  • Stare down Verf: locate the Krogan harassing a group of people and select the Renegade option of picking a fight. All other options result in failure.
  • Deal with Huck and Vertin: speak to the two Turian muggers off to the side of the bar. They can either be attacked with an Intimidate check, or bribed with credits.
  • Deal with the Meln: the Turian Meln will be harassing the Asari dancer Hallia, and will even proposition a female Shepard. Use the option to pummel Meln, otherwise Hallia will do it herself which will fail to impress Morinth.
  • Rescue Moirall: speak to the reporter Horftin to hear that his partner Moirall is in trouble. Horftin tells Shepard to say the code words Terminal followed by Eternity. Approach Florit and Moirall and say the words in exact order, or else Moirall will be at risk of dying.

After three successes, Morinth will invite Shepard to a private chat. Avoid talking about family, Justicars, or anything that could ink to Samara. Select conversation topics Expel 10 and Hallex or both Forta and Vaenia. Charm and Intimidate are also options. After succeeding, Morinth will invite Shepard to their place.

Morinth’s Apartment

Searching around will give some exposition along with an Assault Rife Damage upgrade. When ready, speak to Morinth. She will try to seduce Shepard, but can be resisted with high Charm or Intimidate. Samara will burst in and what happens next depends on if Shepard was seduced. If they were, Samara will automatically kill Morinth and conclude the mission. If Shepard resisted, they can help Samara and get bonus Paragon points, or instead help Morinth and gain massive Renegade points. Morinth acts nearly identical to Samara, but has an alternate power of Dominate, which takes control of organic enemies. When ready, speak to the survivor to head back to the ship.

While the mission is concluded, players should speak to Samara/Morinth aboard the Normandy for more morality points and further closure.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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