Marvel’s Own Batman Vs. Superman Feud Caused A New Civil War

Marvel’s Own Batman Vs. Superman Feud Caused A New Civil War

May 20, 2021 0 By admin

In new previews for Heroes Reborn, it’s revealed a disagreement between Hyperion and Nighthawk led to a new version of Civil War.

Marvel Comics has teased an event that split up the Squadron Supreme, their own pastiches of the Justice League. New previews show their own Civil War between Marvel’s Superman and Batman, Hyperion, and Nighthawk, was the catalyst for the break-up. In new previews for Squadron Supreme: The Siege Society, the Civil War in the Heroes Reborn Universe is discussed, revealing Hyperion and Nighthawk’s feud caused the team to fall in disarray.

The current Marvel Universe has been turned into a world without the Avengers, as the Squadron Supreme are the heroes in their place. While readers have already seen the adventures of Hyperion, whose abilities and backstory resemble that of  DC’s Superman, Nighthawk hasn’t been a big of a player in the event yet. There have already been hints he has a tense relationship with the all-powerful hero. A new look at Squadron Supreme: The Siege Society reveals the pair had a falling during their own Civil War.

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It’s unclear what the inciting incident was that turned Nighthawk and Hyperion against one another – but clearly, the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have their own issues with one another. By adapting Marvel’s original Civil War in the Heroes Reborn Universe, they can effectively take that storyline and remix it with Batman v. Superman. It’s a clever way of referencing both two of Marvel and DC’s biggest conflicts in an event that does the same.

Given Hyperion’s ego, antagonistic personality, and the fact he seems to be involved with the mysterious changes to the new Marvel Universe, it wouldn’t be shocking at all if he started the conflict with Nighthawk. The question remains: what incident inspired the fight? Perhaps, Nighthawk didn’t agree with the slaughter of mutants. Or, maybe they had their own superhero registration act and disagreed about it like Captain America and Iron Man. What is clear is Marvel’s Superman and Batman aren’t fans of one another, even well after the original Civil WarSquadron Supreme: The Siege Society #1 is in stores next week.

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