Lord Of The Rings: 9 Of The Nicest Things Sam Did

Lord Of The Rings: 9 Of The Nicest Things Sam Did

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Samwise Gamgee is by far the kindest character in The Lord of the Rings franchise and arguably one of the most loyal characters in literary history. While, to some, he may seem like just the devoted sidekick to Frodo Baggins, many people consider Sam to ultimately be the true hero of the story as he selflessly bears with Frodo through their misadventure.

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Throughout the whole Lord of the Rings sage, the entirety of Sam’s decision are made for the good of the other members of the Fellowship of the Ring, especially Frodo. Here are some of the nicest things Sam ever did.

9 Sam Carried All Of The Pots And Pans

Sam, Frodo and Gollum cooking around the campfire in The Lord of the Rings

The whole time that the Fellowship was together, Sam functioned as the “pack mule” of the group, carrying all of the essential supplies for the other Hobbits. Frodo, of course, had to bear the weight of the Ring, so Sam took the burden of the supplies when he and Frodo were together. But, even when the two were traveling with the rest of the group, Pippin and Merry didn’t carry much besides their personal possessions, so Sam carried the bulk of the Hobbits’ gear.

8 A Loyal Employee

Sam’s father was Bilbo Baggins’ gardener. Sam worked with his father from the time he was young, learning the trade of gardening and eventually becoming Frodo Baggins’ sole gardener. That being said, while Sam and Frodo developed a friendship, Sam was officially an employee of the Baggins family. Most employees wouldn’t follow their employers to Mordor.

In fact, few Hobbits ever even left the Shire. Sam left the only place he’d ever known to support his friend. Sam says while leaving the Shire that his adventure with Frodo is the furthest he has ever been from home, showing how much he trusts and cares for his employer.

7 Sam Goes After Frodo

Frodo and Sam in the boat scene in The Fellowship of the Ring

After Boromir attacks Frodo for possession of the Ring, Aragorn tells Frodo it might be best if he leaves. Frodo decides for the good of the Fellowship to continue the journey to destroying the Ring by himself. When Sam realizes this, he runs after Frodo, who has boarded a boat and rowed a significant distance away from the shore.

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Sam runs into the water after him. Frodo tells Sam to stay on the shore because Sam can’t swim, but he refuses to let his friend go on alone. He almost drowns before Frodo is able to pull him into the boat. Sam tells “Mr. Frodo” that he had promised himself that he would not leave Frodo and it was a promise he intended to keep.

6 Sam Gives Up His Water For Frodo

The country of Mordor was a wasteland, plagued by evil, darkness, and disease. When Sam and Frodo finally arrive in Mordor, there are no resources to be found because the land is completely desolate. As they are making their way through the barrenness, their limited amount of water running low, they stop to take a break. Sam offers the last of the water to Frodo, which he greedily accepts, finishing the water while Sam goes without.

5 Sam Never Leaves Frodo

One of the most recognizable lines for fans of the movies in The Return of the King is when Frodo tells Sam to “go home.” In the film, Sam collapses in tears and Frodo leaves him behind while he continues on through Mordor. In the books, Sam never lets Frodo walk away; he never leaves. Sam continues with Frodo for the entire journey.

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Loyalty is an incredibly important characteristic of Sam’s person in the books. The films do a disservice to his character by not sticking to the source material in the adaptation of this scene.

4 Sam Rescues Frodo From The Tower

Lord of the Rings: Sam fights off Shelob

In the movies, during the time Sam and Frodo are separated, Frodo encounters Shelob the spider and is attacked by Shelob, who stuns him and then wraps him in webbing. Sam had continued following Frodo after they had parted ways, so he also comes across Shelob’s lair. He fights and injures the spider before going to check on Frodo.

Thinking Frodo is dead, he takes the Ring in order to complete their quest. Orcs then discover Frodo in Shelob’s territory and take him to Sauron’s fortress. Sam follows them and again saves Frodo. Frodo is angry at first that Sam had taken the Ring, but Sam willingly gives the Ring back to Frodo so he can finish his mission.

3 He Reminds Frodo Of The Shire

As Sam and Frodo make their way up Mount Doom to destroy the Ring in the volcano, Sam asks Frodo if he remembers the Shire. Sam proceeds to recount to Frodo memories of all of the beautiful things that were waiting for them back home – the spring, the fields, and the taste of strawberries. He reminds Frodo that the Hobbits will be planting crops soon.

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Frodo says that he does not remember the taste of strawberries. He can’t remember what his home looked like, but Sam doesn’t let Frodo quit when they are so close. Not only has Sam remained hopeful for the entire journey, but he gives Frodo the hope to carry on in their darkest hour.

2 “I Can Carry You”

Lord of the Rings: Sam carrying Frodo up Mount Doom

Frodo was determined to shoulder the weight of the Ring alone, but it was slowly poisoning him and Sam could see that. Sam offers several times to take the Ring, but Frodo’s mind has convinced him that Sam is trying to trick him.

After Sam rescues Frodo from the orcs in the tower and sees Frodo’s reaction to finding out he had the Ring in his possession, Sam stops offering to carry the burden for him. When Frodo collapses on Mount Doom, Sam tells him that he may not be able to carry the Ring, but he can carry Frodo. Sam proceeds to pick Frodo up and carry him the rest of the way up the mountain.

1 Sam Encouraged Frodo To Destroy The Ring

lord of the rings

When Sam and Frodo make it to the top of Mount Doom, they are kept by Gollum from immediately destroying the Ring. Gollum distracts Frodo from the mission and again prompts him to think about all the power he could have if he kept the Ring.

Sam pleads with Frodo to throw the Ring into the lava of Mount Doom and destroy it, but Frodo decides he is going to keep “his precious” instead. Sam can only watch in horror as Frodo gives in to the Ring, puts it on, and disappears. Even though Frodo ultimately makes the wrong choice, Sam still believed in his friend and their mission until the very end. He is also seen to save Frodo’s life as Gollum falls into the lava.

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