Justin Lin Was Thinking About F9 Even While Directing Star Trek Beyond

Justin Lin Was Thinking About F9 Even While Directing Star Trek Beyond

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Justin Lin claims he was never really done with the Fast and Furious franchise, as he was thinking about F9 ideas while directing Star Trek Beyond.

Justin Lin was recently quoted saying his thoughts were on ideas for F9 even while he was directing Star Trek Beyond. Fortunately for Star Trek fans, Lin still produced an above-average film that was successful both critically and commercially. But it might have been a little bit more if Lin had not been distracted by his former passion.

Lin first took on directing duties for The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift after a successful run at Sundance with his film, Better Luck Tomorrow. Lin was interested in the latest film of the franchise, but made some changes to the script and story, wanting to focus on a more global scale for the film that did not follow a lot of the usual tropes for movies about Japan. From there, Lin’s hot streak continued, as the next three Fast and Furious films he directed cemented the series as a real franchise capable of building an audience with each installment.

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In a recent AP story, Lin was quoted claiming he was never really done with the Fast and Furious franchise, as he was thinking about F9 even while directing Star Trek Beyond. He states that he at first thought he was finished with the franchise, but after a call with star, Vin Diesel, who wanted to discuss the state of Dom in the upcoming movie, Lin realized it was “always more than just a movie.” Not long after, he called the studio about an idea, presumably for F9, and according to Lin, they immediately agreed to doing it with him. Read the full quote below:

I thought I was done with it but even though I was gone, I actually now look back and I don’t think I ever was gone. I still remember I was in the cutting room on ‘Star Trek Beyond’ and Vin called me and he’s talking about Dom and the state of Dom for two hours. I’m sitting there going, like, what movie am I making? It’s just been a relationship, you know? It’s always been more than just a movie. So when I woke up with this idea I called Vin and the studio and they were like ‘OK, let’s go.’ I never felt like the door was closed.


Lin had just left the Fast and Furious franchise after directing its last four sequels, so it is not that surprising that the man would still have his mind on the characters and world he helped build. More interesting, is the fact that after all these entries, Lin still has more ideas for Dom and the gang. Also surprising, is that Universal has enough trust in Lin to let him move ahead with those ideas. It is no wonder that Lin felt the door was never really closed for him, even after leaving to direct a Star Trek movie for another studio.

Whether or not Lin will be able to successfully pull off these new, big ideas in F9 and beyond is the question now. As Lin works to end the series on a high note after what will by then be around 12 movies (not counting Hobbs and Shaw), there is the risk of losing any sense of reality or actual danger, as the stunts and set-pieces get bigger and crazier. Especially if Lin tries to top himself in every movie. For example, if they are going to be driving cars in space in F9, where could he possibly take them after that?

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