FFXIV Players Hold Dark Knight Tributes For Berserk Author

FFXIV Players Hold Dark Knight Tributes For Berserk Author

May 20, 2021 0 By admin

Final Fantasy 14 players around the world are holding tributes for the late Berserk author Kentaro Miura by meeting up as Dark Knights.

Following the passing of legendary Berserk manga author Kentaro Miura, Final Fantasy XIV players around the world are gathering to pay tribute. Berserk was a dark fantasy manga that debuted in ’88, with the most recent chapter having come not even long before the beloved author’s death.

Berserk is one of the most influential manga of all time, and it’s best known for its incredible artwork. It’s also made more than its mark on gaming, as its influence on numerous video games can’t be understated. Several iconic titles were heavily inspired by Berserk, including Dark Souls. The series’ iconic artwork and character designs can also be seen reflected in games like Dragon’s Dogma and the Monster Hunter series.

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Tributes for Kentaro Miura are pouring in from around the world. Final Fantasy 14 players are honoring him in their own way, holding tributes to his life and legacy in cities across many servers. Players are taking on the Dark Knight job (in honor of main character Guts) and gathering in the cities of Eorzea, performing mass salutes in tribute to Miura. A video of the tribute in the city of Ul’dah on the Famfrit server has been uploaded to player Bluezhift‘s YouTube channel.

A similar tribute video was shared on Twitter by localhyurzen, showing a massive queue of Dark Knights winding through the streets of Ul’dah on the Balmung server, with the line of players growing even longer over time.

Tributes like this are being held in Ul’dah across the entirety of FF14, showing the love that so many people held for Berserk and the shock of losing Miura so suddenly. One of the benefits of an MMO is the ability for fans to quickly organize mass gatherings, which has happened many times in FF14 and similar games, especially when prominent players have passed away. There are even monuments to deceased celebrities that were added to MMOs after the fact, like Robin Williams in World of Warcraft (as he was a huge fan of the game in life) and Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek Online

The news of Miura’s sudden passing has shocked many, especially as Berserk has been left unfinished. The influence that Berserk had on readers is a lasting one, which is why fans and fellow mangaka are expressing their condolences online. The outpouring of love from the Final Fantasy XIV fanbase is amazing to see in action, and the gathering of so many Warriors of Light proves just how much Berserk meant to so many people.

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Source: Bluezhift/YouTube, localhyurzen/Twitter

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