A Frightening and Fresh Return For The Warren’s

A Frightening and Fresh Return For The Warren’s

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Social media reactions have begun rolling in for The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, the third installment about Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Reactions have begun rolling in for The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. Ed and Lorraine Warren are back in the latest installment of the horror franchise from producer James Wan and director Michael Chaves. It has been five years since Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga have starred in their own film, with The Conjuring franchise branching off into various spinoffs like Annabelle and The Nun. The franchise will return to its roots with this new film, though, and The Devil Made Me Do It sounds as scary as ever.

Tackling one of the Warren’s most prolific cases, The Conjuring 3 will follow the trial of Arne Johnson, the first man in US history to plead “not guilty” for reasons of demonic possession. In addition to Johnson, a young child and his family will be ensnared in the devilish proceedings. The Conjuring 3 has been said to be the darkest entry yet in the franchise and although what that means remains unclear, the film will break from the haunted house tradition of the first two movies for something much grander in scale.

Fans worried that The Devil Made Me Do It wouldn’t live up to expectations can check and see if their fears are assuaged, as reactions have been rolling in on Twitter. For the most part, they seem to praise the Warren’s return as being just as scary as the previous films while adding something new to the franchise. While not all critics agree that The Devil Made Me Do It is as scary as the previous films, they do say that there will be more than enough scares to please longtime fans of The Conjuring films. Check out some of the critics’ thoughts below:

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