10 Things New Fans Don’t Know About Cyborg Ninjas In Metal Gear Solid

10 Things New Fans Don’t Know About Cyborg Ninjas In Metal Gear Solid

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The Metal Gear franchise has no shortage of unique characters, both supernatural and science fiction. The series has consistently shown warfare advances from giant mechanical threats, like the Metal Gears to clone soldiers like Solid Snake. Additionally, cyborg technology has advanced in the timeline of Metal Gear and is most prominent with the cyborg ninja concept.

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Ever since the original Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation, cyborg ninja’s have become evident in the modern era and have become a staple in the franchise. However, newcomers might miss several aspects of the cyborg ninja, with some details only present in databases or conversations. As such, here are some facts regarding Metal Gear Solid‘s cyborg ninja that every newcomer should know.

10 Advancements Began During The 70s-80s

Although the first prominent appearance of the cyborg ninja appeared in 2005, advancements in the technology started during the Cold War. Players can see examples of this during Peace Walker and Metal Gear Solid 5 through prosthetics, from Venom Snake and Zadornov. However, the prototypes for exoskeleton technology could possibly be seen in Huey Emmerich’s prosthetics during Metal Gear Solid 5.

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Huey has been wearing a mechanical exoskeleton at that point in the timeline, which allowed Huey to walk. However, the character eventually lost his exoskeleton following his exile from Diamond Dogs in Metal Gear Solid 5. This previous technology eventually led to the possible future for what would become the cyborg ninjas.

9 Gray Fox’s Body Is A Prototype Exoskeleton

Grey Fox Metal Gear Solid

Following Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Gray Fox’s body was taken by the Patriots to be tested and experimented with. Gray Fox’s prototype exoskeleton offered him various powerful enhancements from super-strength to durability.

Mechanical prosthetics were used to replace some of his body parts, which increased his destructive capabilities. The armor is also durable enough to survive several blows from Solid Snake and the bi-pedal tank Metal Gear Rex.

8 Gray Fox’s Exoskeleton Was Seen To Have Bad Nerve Endings

Gray Fox and his exoskeleton in Metal Gear Solid games

Gray Fox’s exoskeleton provided him with a variety of enhancements that boosted his already impressive physical capabilities. However, despite the exoskeleton’s abilities, it comes at the cost of causing immense pain towards Gray Fox’s nerve endings.

Due to the Patriots’ experiments, Gray Fox gets a lot of electrical discharges, which is caused by his nerve endings being connected poorly to his cybernetics.

7 The Original Cyborg Ninja Experiment Influenced The Genome Soldiers

Interestingly, the cyborg ninja project helped establish the genome soldiers, eventually becoming the Metal Gear Solid enemy group. Many of the gene therapy experiments conducted on Gray Fox’s body resulted in the eventual creation of the genome soldiers.

Soldiers enhanced with the genes of Big Boss granted them augmented physicality and senses. The suit and role of the cyborg ninja would eventually appear in future games.

6 Raiden’s Original Body Required Blood Dialysis

Metal Gear Solid 4 Cyborg Raiden

Nearly ten years after the events of Shadow Moses, Raiden appears as the newest version of the Cyborg Ninja. Complete with his own cybernetic body, Raiden’s frame grants him similar capabilities to Gray Fox, from strength to durability.

However, because the patriots almost entirely replaced his body with an exoskeletal body, Raiden required blood with higher oxygen content. As a result, Raiden’s cyborg body had to be dialyzed with special equipment otherwise he could experience autotoxemia.

5 Raiden’s New Body Contain Carbon Nano Tubes

Metal Gear Rising Cyborg Raiden

During the events of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Raiden was outclassed by the cyborg organization Desperado, causing him to obtain a new cyborg body. Raiden’s new body offers various benefits, such as his body comprised of carbon nanotube technology, which vastly improves his durability and strength. Raiden’s cyborg body also allows him to self repair his injuries by obtaining nano paste from the corpses of his enemies.

4 Cyborg Bodies Require Fuel Cells And Nutrition Packs

Metal Gear Rising Raiden With The MGS4 exoskeleton

Cyborgs have to consume glucose-based nutrient packs to keep their brains functioning correctly. Nanomachines inside the cyborg allow them to break down the nutrients consumed inside the body.

Outside of that, cyborgs also require fuel cells and regular maintenance to ensure that they can function correctly. Although it doesn’t make them as usual as ordinary people, their benefits due to their enhanced cybernetics offer something positive.

3 Cyborgs Can Turn Off Their Taste And Pain Receptors

Metal Gear Solid 4 Raiden preparing to fight Vamp

Alongside the physical benefits that a cyborg body provides for the user, it also grants them other valuable elements that are essential on the battlefield. Pain receptors on the body can shut down to give the user increased endurance during a grueling fight.

If cyborg soldiers need food but dislike the taste, they can shut down their taste receptors. Turning off the taste receptors allows cyborg soldiers on the battlefield to consume the necessary nutrients they need without feeling disgusted.

2 Cyborgs Have Artificial Voice Boxes

Raiden and his cyber-prosthetic exoskeleton in Metal Gear

Due to the extensive surgery that Raiden has gone through to obtain his cyborg body, the character had to have an artificial voice box installed inside of him. His voice box proved to be helpful in dangerous situations.

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When he’s under critical condition during Metal Gear Solid 4, Raiden can maintain communication through his audio box and can continue talking without losing excessive energy.

1 Not All Cyborg Ninjas Are Cyborgs

Metal Gear Solid 2 Cyborg Ninja

Ironically, in the universe of Metal Gear, not every cyborg ninja in the franchise is a cyborg. Although most cyborg ninjas are, Olga from Metal Gear Solid 2 isn’t a cyborg ninja physically but took the name and mantle for the mission.

Olga did this by wearing an exoskeleton that somewhat resembled Gray Fox with similar maneuvers and techniques. Although she isn’t a proper cyborg ninja, her role within the story made her a brief exception to the rule.

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