10 Cities The Real Housewives Franchise Doesn’t Film (But Should)

10 Cities The Real Housewives Franchise Doesn’t Film (But Should)

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It’s huge news when a new city joins the popular Bravo Real Housewives world. Reality TV fans began watching the franchise when The Real Housewives of Orange County premiered first in 2006, and soon there were several places being represented, from NYC to New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Potomac, Atlanta, Miami, and the short-lived Real Housewives of D.C.

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There are many cities that the Real Housewives hasn’t ventured into. Since fans are always eagerly awaiting news of additions, it’s fun to think about what places could find new casts and feature the dramatic storylines that viewers have become so engrossed in.

10 Denver

skyline of Denver

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Dallas is one of the most recent additions to the Real Housewives franchise, and it’s been entertaining, as the cast members have hilarious taglines and it’s exciting to see what life in wealthy Dallas circles is like.

Denver, Colorado is another city that the franchise could add. The city is known for beautiful mountain views and being a hub for good food and healthy living, as residents love the parks and outdoor spaces. It seems like Denver could find a great cast.

9 Austin

bridge and water in Austin, Texas

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What about filming the city of Austin, Texas? Austin is famous for great barbecue, gorgeous weather, and having a funky, cool vibe.

The motto is, after all, “Keep Austin weird,” and there is so much to do here, as it’s a hub for festivals and live music. Since Dallas is already a Real Housewives city, it would be awesome if fans got to see another city in the state. There is a hot real estate market with houses that cost millions, which suggests that there’s wealth here that would be interesting to explore as part of this franchise.

8 Whistler

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The cast of RHOC vacationed in Whistler and it was so entertaining watching them in this beautiful, wintery location.

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This would also be a perfect place to film another season of the Real Housewives franchise. This would be a super unique location: it has 10,000 residents and a “small town” feeling. The cast could be a mix of people who live here year-round and maybe some friends who are regular vacationers. It seems like Whistler would feature a lot of fun outdoor activities, as the area is known for snowboarding and skiing.

7 Chicago

skyline in Chicago

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Real Housewives producer Andy Cohen has said that perhaps the franchise could have filmed in Chicago when Tinsley Mortimer from RHONY was living there, but he said, “I think we’re good.”

Although it doesn’t seem like the franchise will move into Chicago, it would definitely be a great spot for the show. It’s a beautiful city known for its amazing restaurants and waterfront views, along with gorgeous architecture, and it would make for some great establishment shots.

6 Montreal

building in Old Montreal, Quebec

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There have been two Canadian cities in the popular Bravo franchise, as The Real Housewives of Vancouver aired for two seasons and the Real Housewives of Toronto got one. What about adding Montreal, Quebec?

Montreal is a beautiful city full of culture, incredible food, and lots of history. It’s easy to imagine establishment shots in Old Montreal and downtown, and if the franchise chose this city as its next filming location, it seems like it would be popular as it’s a favorite tourist destination.

5 San Diego

water and palm trees in San Diego

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has dramatic plotlines and also a perfect setting. Reality shows that take place in gorgeous warm places tend to work well, as viewers love looking at serene and pretty places, so San Diego, California always seems like a good contender for a new Real Housewives setting. Since both RHOBH and RHOC are so popular, why not find another warm-weather location that fans can swoon over?

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It turns out that the franchise did think about a San Diego show and it didn’t work out, but maybe it will become possible in the future. It does seem like a great idea.

4 Philadelphia

skyline and water in Philidelphia

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If the Real Housewives is looking for another east coast city, what about Philadelphia?

Philly has so much to offer, from its history to its sports scene and food. There are also several areas that are considered very affluent so it seems like it would be possible to find a fabulous cast here. The cast members could go to baseball games together and have a blast!

3 Portland

buildings and water in Portland

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Portland, Oregon doesn’t really show up on reality TV, so it could really make the Real Housewives franchise stand out even more.

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Portland is a beloved tourist spot for its coffee culture and outdoor spaces, and it seems like it would be a cool background for this franchise to move into.

2 Los Angeles

aerial view of Los Angeles

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While RHOBH exists, what about expanding the show to the greater area of Los Angeles?

This seems like it would be a great idea for the franchise, as L.A. is a very diverse and culturally rich place, which would allow the franchise to become more diverse. Andy Cohen said he’s glad to make RHONY more diverse, and there is definitely room in every city for new cast members from different backgrounds. L.A. also works as there are many wealthy neighborhoods, as proven on Selling Sunset.

1 Anchorage

mountains of anchorage, alaskavia

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In an article from USA Today about the 25 wealthiest American cities, Anchorage, Alaska takes the number six spot. According to the publication, $82,203 is the median household income.

Since there is so much wealth there, this would be another fascinating city to add to the popular reality TV franchise. The environment alone is so beautiful that it would be a lot of fun to watch.

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