Nick Jonas Reacts To Blake Shelton’s Joke About His Injury

Nick Jonas Reacts To Blake Shelton’s Joke About His Injury

May 19, 2021 0 By admin

Blake Shelton joked that Nick Jonas’ recent bike accident was an attempt to get a “sympathy vote” on The Voice. Now, Nick is reacting to that joke.

Nick Jonas is back on The Voice after getting a fractured rib and bruises from a bike accident, and he is now reacting to Blake Shelton’s joke that his accident was just Nick’s way of getting a “sympathy vote” from the fans. As of 2021, Nick has now been a coach on The Voice two times: seasons 18 and 20. His very first appearance on the show was back in season 8 when he was featured as a part-time advisor. But Nick was only brought onto the show on a full-time basis in 2020.

Over the course of his two seasons, Nick Jonas has developed some great chemistry with co-stars Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and John Legend. But as of this writing, Nick only has two contestants from his team left on The Voice season 20: Dana Monique and Rachel Mac. The fans are currently excited that Nick Jonas will be hosting the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, but this week started out with reports that Nick has gained significant injuries from his latest bike accident.

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As previously scheduled, Nick Jonas appeared on the most recent episodes of The Voice and is still confirmed to host the Billboard Music Awards. However, he had a serious bike accident over the weekend that left him with a fractured rib and a few bruises. In reaction to the news, the always humorous Blake Shelton commented that Nick’s accident was just his attempt to get a “sympathy vote” from the audience. Nick has now reacted to Blake’s joke, telling ET: “This would’ve been the most elaborate sympathy vote of all time. I think he is, as always, being a liar.” Nick is, of course, also just joking back, as most of the coaches on The Voice joke that Blake can throw out a few white lies whenever he gets competitive on the show.

Despite his sustained injury, Nick Jonas appeared on this week’s episodes of The Voice just as scheduled. He’s also shared various pictures and videos on Instagram hyping up his upcoming hosting gig at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, which gives the indication that he will appear on the show exactly how it was planned. The fans watching him on The Voice also remarked on the fact that he’s doing pretty well for someone who’s just fractured a rib, so maybe Nick Jonas is truly recovering very quickly, or perhaps didn’t get as hurt as early reports from the weekend made it seem.

All things considered, The Voice fans and Nick Jonas fans are all happy to see him doing well. The show must go on, but if Nick had gotten seriously injured, that could have offset his ability to be a coach on The Voice and a host at the Billboard Music Awards. Thankfully, Nick seems to be taking “the show must go on” saying very seriously.

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