Netflix Reveals Season 2 Release Date & More

Netflix Reveals Season 2 Release Date & More

May 19, 2021 0 By admin

Fans waited patiently, and now season 2 of Too Hot to Handle is almost here. Find out when the next season premieres and how the episodes will drop.

Last year, viewers took to Too Hot to Handle like fish to water, and have been clamoring for another season ever since. Netflix eventually revealed that, yes, another season is in the works, and fans were left wondering when they would be getting that second helping. Now, the wait is almost over, and Netflix has announced the release date and schedule for season two. The premiere is not far off, giving fans even more to look forward to this summer.

Viewers went wild for Too Hot to Handle when it debuted last spring and were hoping for a second season as soon as the first one wrapped. Fans were fascinated watching the group of hot young singles embark on what they thought was a dating show, only to find out there was significant cash on the line, but only if they refrain from doing anything physical. Thankfully, Netflix announced there would be two more seasons on the way, and fans just had to wait for a premiere date.

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Netflix recently released a new video teasing the second season of Too Hot to Handle, and it’s coming sooner than expected. The first few episodes of season two will drop on June 23 and the final episodes will follow on June 30. The promo said season two will feature a “new batch of hot chastity-challenged singles resisting temptation in this all-new steamy retreat.” The season two villa was revealed in the promo and it looks like the perfect spot for sparks not to fly.

The first season of Too Hot to Handle was so successful that Netflix greenlit seasons two and three at the same time, and the two seasons were set to film back-to-back. The next two seasons were shot in Turks and Caicos instead of Mexico, as season one was. The premise will be the same, with a group of hot singles competing to see if they can resist temptation long enough to secure the full prize.

Fans of Too Hot to Handle are excited and ready to see an entirely new cast of singles attempt to keep their hands to themselves or risk losing out on some serious cash. Season two is just a few weeks away, so at least eager fans don’t have long to wait. Will the season two singles walk away with the full prize? Viewers will have the answer soon.

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