Joel McHale Is Bringing Fans New Sleuthing Opportunity

Joel McHale Is Bringing Fans New Sleuthing Opportunity

May 19, 2021 0 By admin

The Masked Singer fans will have a whole new opportunity to put their detective hats on when Joel McHale’s new show premieres in the near future.

With the finale fast approaching, fans of The Masked Singer will surely be itching for more opportunities to put their sleuthing skills to good use and Joel McHale may just have the answer for them. His new show Crime Scene Kitchen is set to premiere following The Masked Singer finale and we’ve got a sneak peek. The Community star has been a regular on The Masked Singer for quite a while. As a frequent guest panelist, McHale has become a favorite of fans of the show.

We believe he’s been on the show this season in an entirely different capacity, as we predicted him to be the celeb hiding behind the Cluedle Doo mask. Moonlighting as the meddlesome rooster would be a great chance to bring attention to his new show when he’s revealed during its last episode shortly before the comedy actor’s own show begins. Having done both scripted acting like The Great Outdoors and hosting like TV roundup show The Soup, he’s definitely a man of many talents.

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Not only did McHale host The Soup for a very long time, but he’s also hosted various award shows over the years from the ESPY Awards to the White House Correspondents’ Association annual dinner. This won’t even be his first time hosting a game show, as he began hosting Card Sharks in 2019. This will be his first time hosting a cooking show, but Crime Scene Kitchen isn’t just any cooking show. With this unique and concept that is unlike anything the genre has seen before, like The Masked Singer, it combines some amateur spy skills with another more familiar genre of reality TV. Except for this time instead of singing the contestants will be cooking.

McHale will be joined by celebrity chefs Curtis Stone and Yolanda Gampp who are no strangers to reality tv themselves. Contestants will begin the episode in a kitchen that is the scene of a culinary crime. Packed full of clues they will have to piece them together to figure out what scrumptious dessert was prepared there. Fans can join in and use their own inner detective to try to figure out for themselves. The judges will not only be casting their votes for the resulting decadent dish that tastes the best but also, more importantly, for the one that gets closest to the right dessert.

With an interactive element that has helped to make The Masked Singer one of the biggest hits in reality TV, Fox hopes to capture the attention of experienced cooking show fans as well as those new to the genre. Whether you are an experienced baker or just a really experienced eater, there will be an opportunity to join in on the fun. With a show that is a little bit cooking competition and a little bit CSI, it’s bound to attract even people new to reality tv, or perhaps even just some really dedicated fans of Community‘s Joel McHale.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on Fox.


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