Galactus Came To Earth Because of A Marvel Hero In Retold Debut

Galactus Came To Earth Because of A Marvel Hero In Retold Debut

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In a new retelling of the Fantastic Four’s life story, Galactus discovered Earth because one Marvel hero accidentally revealed it.

Warning! Spoilers for Fantastic Four: Life Story by Marvel Comics #1 below.

Marvel Comics is retelling the origin of the Fantastic Four and in the reimagining of Marvel’s First Family, Reed Richards is responsible for Galactus finding Earth. In the new comic, the Fantastic Four are the first Americans to travel to space in the midst of the Space Race, but when they’re hit with cosmic rays that give them powers, Reed sees the death of his planet in the form of the Devourer of Worlds.

Fantastic Four: Life Story reimagines the Fantastic Four over multiple decades, beginning with their debut in the 1960s. Much like Spider-Man: Life Story from Chip Zdarsky and Mark Bagley, the story will be told with real-life events from each decade playing a new (or different) role in the retellings. In the first issue of Fantastic Four: Life Story, the iconic Jack Kirby and Stan Lee characters build their ship as part of the Space Race in the 1960s, with Richards being hired after three failed attempts at getting Americans in orbit.

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In Fantastic Four: Life Story #1 by Mark Russell, Sean Izaakse, Nolan Woodward, and VC’s Joe Caramagna, Reed Richards is hired by President John F. Kennedy to build a new ship capable of bringing Americans to space. The Russians already sent a man to space and Kennedy fears they’re falling behind, especially after three failed rocket launches. Reed and Sue work diligently on the project, but their funding is pulled due to their antimatter fuel being unable to be tested by the government. Sue convinces Reed to launch the ship before it’s dismantled and after getting Ben Grimm to join them (and Johnny), they successfully go to space. However, like in their original origin, cosmic rays give them superpowers, and before they head back to Earth, Reed sees “the death of our world… and everything” in Galactus.

Galactus Reed Richards

Richards and the crew would return to Earth and life would go on. Ben Grimm hated Reed for making him go on the mission that turned him into The Thing, as the Fantastic Four became heroes in the United States. Still, Reed couldn’t shake the feeling of impending doom and tries to warn the government of the possible planet-ending threat. President Lyndon B. Johnson doesn’t believe him and suggests he’s got psychosis. Richards’ fears lead him to create a device capable of recreating the incident in space, but the mission goes haywire when a spurned scientist from the first failed rocket launches takes over Ben’s body. Floating in space, Reed sees Galactus and realizes he’s responsible for revealing Earth to him.

Richards’ successful mission to space likely alerted Galactus about Earth in this retelling of the Fantastic Four’s origin. For a hero who’s already struggling with the idea of the Devourer of Worlds coming to his home planet, Richards may be responsible for the ‘coming of Galactus’ in this reimagined world. Should the cosmic juggernaut touch down on Earth, Richards will surely blame himself for the ensuing damage. Can Richards figure out a solution to stop Galactus before it’s too late? Fantastic Four: Life Story is in stores now.

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