Fans Call Angela’s Recent Procedure Premature & Irresponsible

Fans Call Angela’s Recent Procedure Premature & Irresponsible

May 19, 2021 0 By admin

Angela got weight loss and breast lift surgery back-to-back. Fans said it is advised to wait for three months after weight loss to get a breast lift.

Many 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers think that Angela Deem shouldn’t have gotten weight loss surgery and breast lift at the same time. Some said she should have first maintained her weight loss and instead of getting a “premature” breast reduction. Others feel it was irresponsible of TLC to showcase it on national TV. Many fans may remember that Angela wanted to get weight loss surgery because she found it difficult to do day-to-day tasks. At one time, the meemaw felt that she would have a heart attack and die.

Even though her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, was against these artificial procedures, she went ahead and got the appointment. In the latest episode of Happily Ever After, she first had gastric sleeve reduction, and then plastic surgeon Dr. Michael K. Obeng took over to perform the breast reduction. Angela had to be under anesthesia for over four hours, which was quite risky, especially at her age. But, she imagined how skinny she would look after the weight loss surgery and did it anyway.

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While Angela may be happy with her decision, most 90 Day Fiance fans think it was shocking and weird to carry two major surgeries on a 55-year-old woman back-to-back. Angela has now lost 100 pounds and looking younger than ever. However, a fan feels that it was just a ploy to get the handsome Micheal lookalike surgeon on the show. Moreover, it was irresponsible to discuss Angela’s new cup size just before she was about to have the breast reduction, while these talks should have happened way before the surgery day. A fan wrote (via Reddit), “Very irresponsible to air that. Classic TLC! Zero f**ks about what they air.

Angela Deem Weight Loss Michael Obeng Doctor In 90 Day Fiance

Another fan questioned why Angela decided to get a gastric sleeve from a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon. Some said she could have had that surgery anywhere in the United States or near her area. Perhaps she was planning to get breast reduction right from the beginning. Another 90 Day Fiance fanatic, who claimed to have the same surgeries as Angela, commented that every surgeon they consulted recommended waiting for plastic surgery. They were advised to wait until they hit their ideal weight and maintained it for at least three months.

Some fans are convinced that Angela, who has finally found the donor eggs, got the two surgeries for free or at a massive discount because she was advertising the clinic on a popular TV show. The surgeons wanted her to have both surgeries while TLC was filming; otherwise, she would have to pay for them. Some other comments read, “They CLEARLY knew that Angela had been smoking the whole time and ignored it,” and “No respectable physician would have operated on this woman.” It is also possible that to make her story appear more dramatic on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Angela agreed to have multiple surgeries in a day. With breast reduction surgery in the picture, the two Micheals were also included to make the story more engaging.

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