Don’t Breathe 2 Gets R Rating For Bloody Violence & Gruesome Images

Don’t Breathe 2 Gets R Rating For Bloody Violence & Gruesome Images

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The long awaited sequel to the horror film, Don’t Breathe, promises plenty of blood and gore with a newly announced R rating from the MPAA.

Don’t Breathe 2 will officially have an R rating for bloody violence and gruesome images. The original film also received an R rating, though for different reasons. The first film was rated R for “terror, violence, disturbing content, and language including sexual references.” Don’t Breathe follows a group of robbers, including a girl named Rocky (Jane Levy), who break into a home in the hopes of scoring a life changing fortune. Their plan falls apart when they discover that the blind homeowner isn’t as helpless as they originally thought.

Much has been kept under wraps about the sequel, but a vague synopsis promises a similar cat and mouse game between The Blind Man (Stephen Lang) and a group of criminals who misjudged who they were about to go up against. This time, The Blind Man will be out of his element as he leaves his safe haven to save an orphaned girl that he had been raising in his isolated cabin. Based on what the first film showed viewers, it’s likely that there will be much more to this premise as the story unfolds.

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As reported by Bloody Disgusting, now that Don’t Breathe 2 is deep into post-production after wrapping filming in October 2020, the film has received its official rating from the MPAA. Like its predecessor, Don’t Breathe 2 will have an R rating. This means that movie goers under the age of 17 will need a parent or guardian in order to get in. Like most R ratings from the MPAA, this one comes with specific warnings that give viewers a more specific idea of what to expect from the film. The warnings attached indicate the ways in which the film will be different from the first. “Violence” has been upgraded to “strong bloody violence” for example.

don't breathe 2 first look stephen lang

Though the premise seems to veer off from the original film, the matching R rating serves as a promise that this film will follow the lead of its predecessor and will not be pulling any of its punches. This could work in favor of the film, as it can attract the same type of audience that the first film did, but it could also signal that Don’t Breathe 2 is going to take a risk. While the first film received generally good reviews, its controversial and brutal final act was met with far less praise. While the whole film was filled with fabulous gore and genuine scares, it was the now infamous turkey baster scene that proved the film simply couldn’t have done with a PG-13 rating. It was this commitment to take things just a step further that turned away some viewers from the first film. It should be noted, however that the sequel’s rating is without the sexual content warning that the first film received.

Even with the controversial ending and R rating, Don’t Breathe became one of 2016’s horror blockbusters. The film was made for just $10 million and grossed $157 worldwide, making it one of the highest grossing R-rated horror films of all time. With numbers like those and overall favorable reviews, it was almost no question that The Blind Man would be returning for a sequel at some point, it was just a matter of when. Now, fans can finally see Don’t Breathe 2 when it hits theaters on August 13, 2021.

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