10 Most Heartwarming Full Circle Moments

10 Most Heartwarming Full Circle Moments

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As a comedy, Schitt’s Creek shared raw and honest moments of a family who lost their wealth and ended up in the quaint town of Schitt’s Creek. The town and its residents transformed the Rose family into softer, more understanding beings — a complete contrast to who they were in the pilot. 

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Beautifully, the series ended after six seasons and had plenty of full circle moments that tugged on fans’ heartstrings. Some moments were easy to catch while others were more subtle. Nevertheless, these full circle moments completed the series and made all the storylines come home. 

10 The Town Is David’s, After All

Schitt's Creek

In the pilot, the government tells Johnny that the only thing they’re allowing the Roses to keep was a town he bought in the ‘9os called Schitt’s Creek. Johnny forgot about the town and claimed he bought it on a whim as a joke for his son, David. While David looked disgusted at the thought, it’s poetic that he was the only one from the family to stay behind in the sleepy town. The one thing that was supposed to ruin him ended up giving him his… happy ending.

9 Alexis (Almost) Gave Away Her Pink Dress From The Pilot

alexis and twyla holding the same dress in the pilot and in season 6 on schitt's creek

In the pilot, viewers first met Alexis while she was wearing a bubblegum pink dress and panicking in her family’s mansion. The neckline of the dress was quite unique, making it totally recognizable. At the end of the series, Alexis gave Twyla a bag of clothing that no longer served her and thought they would look good on Twy.

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The first dress that Twyla picked out of the bunch was, ironically, the pink dress from the pilot. Giving the dress away could be seen as symbolic. Alexis was shedding the old version of her and leaving Schitt’s Creek a new woman — even if she did take it back at the last second.

8 Alexis’ First And Last Words To Ted

Alexis and Ted drinking wine and holding each other

When Alexis first meets Ted in Cafe Tropical, he tells her that she’s probably one of the most beautiful women that the town has ever seen. Bashfully, Alexis says “I’m sure there’s like another girl…somewhere.” She was immediately taken by Ted and enjoyed his compliment.

Sadly, their careers took them on two different paths by season 6 and they mutually broke up. To bring the whole relationship full circle, Ted told her he doesn’t think he’ll ever meet another woman like her. And just as she did in season 1, Alexis says, “I’m sure they’ll be like, some other woman. Somewhere.”

7 Disconnected To Attached

The roses have a sleepover in the motel on schitts creek

At the start of Schitt’s Creek, the Roses are disconnected, uninterested, and distracted. They’re so consumed in their own lives that they’re not paying attention to the people in their own house. Losing their fame and fortune forced the Roses to get to know each other and soon, love each other.

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By the time the family of four left Schitt’s Creek, they were different people. They came full circle, from spiteful acquaintances to loving family members.

6 The Schitt’s Creek Sign

schitt's creek town sign

The Rose family didn’t know what they were getting into when they were on their way to Schitt’s Creek. It wasn’t until they saw the welcome sign that they realized how bad their present situation was. Johnny looked at the sign — depicting a brother and sister in a compromising position — in shock and horror.

In the series finale, Johnny and Moira leave Schitt’s Creek and take one last look at the sign. Ironically, the sign was no longer two unknown faces — it was Moira and Johnny’s, with David and Alexis in the background. Just as the sign greeted them in the pilot, it was also saying goodbye in the finale. 

5 Precious Love

Schitts creek - david and patrick get married in series finale

The song “Precious Love” played at the end of season 2’s “Happy Anniversary.” The episode was a special one because there were plenty of moments where the Roses were transforming in front of the viewers’ eyes. The final scene showed the Roses gathered together dancing to “Precious Love” as the screen faded to black. It was an endearing moment for the family. And just as they did in season 2, the same song played in the series finale as David walked down the aisle to Patrick on their wedding day. Their love really was precious.

4 From Wealthy To Poor To Wealthy Again

The Roses in front of the Rosebud Motel in Schitt's Creek

Nothing screams “full circle” more than leaving Schitt’s Creek in a better place than they entered. When the Roses first came to Schitt’s Creek, they had very little to their name and were at their breaking points. Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis didn’t know how to pick themselves up after years of being so comfortable. However, their ultimate goal was to somehow, someway, get enough money to leave Schitt’s Creek and get back to their normal lives. And by the series finale, that’s exactly what happened. Through hard work and patience, their good luck was granted as they left the town in better shape than they entered it.

3 Herb Ertlinger Winery

david and moira drinking wine at the winery on schitts creek

In season 1’s “Wine and Roses,” Moira has the opportunity to get her face back on camera by promoting a local wine at Herb Erlinger Winery. Unfortunately, she had a hard time saying Herb Ertlinger and thought the wine was disgusting. Considering the hilarity of it all, Herb Ertlinger came back in full swing in season 6.

Moira, once again, had a chance to redeem herself by picking a wine she wanted to put her name on. But just as it was in season 1, Moira loathed everything she tasted and accidentally got drunk with David. Seeing Herb Ertlinger again, however, was a real step back in time.

2 One Too Many Funerals

Johnny visits the funeral in schitts creek

Another cringe-worthy season 1 moment was when Johnny and Moira attended the funeral for Bob’s brother. Bob claimed that his brother looked up to Johnny, so it was only fair for him to speak at the funeral. Johnny, however, had no idea who Bob’s brother was. At the funeral, he panicked and embarrassed himself, but Moira came to the rescue. Fast forward to season 6, Johnny makes a fool of himself at another funeral. Just as before, he had no idea who the person that died was and embarrassed himself yet again.

1 Don’t Worry, It’s His Sister

Alexis walks david down the aisle at his wedding - schitt's creek

When the Roses first got to Schitt’s Creek, Johnny, in particular, was disturbed by the town’s aforementioned welcome sign. However, Roland didn’t see anything wrong with it. When Johnny pointed out to him that it looked like the man and woman were intimate, Roland assured the family that the woman in the sign was the man’s sister. 

Funny enough, on David’s wedding day, Alexis wore a white dress while she walked David down the aisle; it looked like they, as siblings, were the bride and the groom. It was a sweet callback to the town sign: don’t worry, it’s his sister.

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