Natalie Accused of Fighting with Mike Out of Spite

Natalie Accused of Fighting with Mike Out of Spite

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Fans think Natalie is spiteful to see that Mike hasn’t changed his ways. A fan said, “She looked him straight in the eye & smiled maniacally.”

Many 90 Day Fiance viewers are saying that Natalie Mordovtseva started fighting with her husband Mike Youngquist out of spite. She is hurt and upset, so she decided to make her man feel miserable on his birthday. Natalie and Mike always shock fans with their explosive fights. The couple wasn’t compatible on many levels. Even Mike’s mother, Trish, was against their marriage and wanted the neighbor Tamara to object during the ceremony. Still, the duo decided to get married on 90 Day Fiance season 8.

They are now featuring on Happily Ever After to showcase a new set of problems. In the latest episode, Natalie went out of her way to make Mike’s birthday special. She arranged his favorite food and champagne to surprise him. For a second, viewers thought Natalie and Mike are actually in love with each other. However, their romantic date soon took a drastic turn when the Sequim native mentioned that his wife comes off harsh sometimes. The 36-year-old Maxim model couldn’t resist hitting back with her bitter words. Natalie said she wouldn’t have been rude if Mike’s female friend wasn’t sending him naughty pictures.

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Earlier, the couple decided to move forward and not bring up old arguments. Mike got angry and left Natalie alone in Seattle’s hotel. Many Happily Ever After viewers think that the Ukrainian native picked up a fight with Mike on purpose as she was spotted smirking on camera. A fan said (via Reddit), “She starts fights out of spite just to upset him because she’s upset.” It is disheartening and unsettling to watch that Natalie would rather make Mike angry instead of having an adult conversation with him. She promised him she wouldn’t bring up their past issues but still ended up doing that same thing. Another fan called Natalie a “nightmare” and wrote, “She thought she could nag him into becoming the man she wanted.

Mordovtseva Youngquist Happily Ever After In 90 Day Fiance

But, Mike didn’t change after the wedding; he still drinks, eats meat and believes in aliens and not God. Someone else noticed, “She looked him straight in the eye and smiled maniacally at him and started an argument ON HIS BIRTHDAY!” Other fans think that their marriage is all about overcoming debt and a Green Card. A few fans made a unique argument. Natalie, who is now auctioning her legendary sneakers, is an actress, and she probably knows how to make every scene over the top, making good TV. So, she purposely creates situations that would lead to dramatic consequences.

They dragged Mike because he is “boring,” refuses to talk at times, or doesn’t reply to questions asked by show producers. Even though Mike and Natalie’s separation is all over the internet, it would be interesting to watch whether the couple is actually getting a divorce. It is possible that Natalie wanted to get out of the woods for a little while and explore Florida and New Orleans. She has returned to Seattle, fueling reunion rumors with Mike. If she is not with him, 90 Day Fiance fans have already found another American man for her.

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