Monsters At Work Trailer Reveals Mike & Sully After Original Movie

Monsters At Work Trailer Reveals Mike & Sully After Original Movie

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Mike and Sully have been put in charge in the upcoming Monsters, Inc. Disney+ sequel series, Monsters At Work, which also introduces new faces.

Disney+’s upcoming spinoff series Monsters At Work gives viewers a glimpse of life after Monsters, Incfor Mike and Sully. Monsters, Inc. follows a fuzzy, blue, and purple polka-dotted scareman named James P. Sullivan (John Goodman) and his green, one-eyed partner Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) as they climb the ladder at Monsters Inc. by scaring children. When one child named Boo (Mary Gibbs) ends up on the wrong side of the door, which connects the human world to the monster world, Mike and Sully must work together to get Boo back home.

The success of the 2001 feature brought about the prequel Monsters University showing how Mike and Sully met and eventually came to be friends. Now Disney is gearing up for its Monsters Inc. sequel Monsters At Work. Disney+ has several new TV series in the works, but Monsters At Work is the first of the Pixar series. Goodman and Crystal will reprise their roles as Sully and Mike. Other familiar voices include Jennifer Tilly as Celia and Bob Peterson as Roz. Needleman and Schmitty will return but will now be voiced by Stephen Stanton. There will also be a slew of new monsters, including the central character Ty Tuskmon (Ben Feldman), Val Little (Mindy Kaling), Fritz (Henry Winkler), and Cutter (Alanna Ubach).

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Disney+ released its first trailer for the upcoming sequel series Monsters At Work. Monsters At Work takes place six months after Monsters, Inc. At this point, the company has transferred over from using children’s screams to generate power to laughter. The trailer kicks off with Roz announcing that Mike and Sully have been put in charge of the Children Detection Agency, despite the grudge she had against Mike in the original movie. Mike seems elated about the promotion, while Sully is a bit apprehensive. After Mike hops behind his new desk, he declares that he will maintain the new policy of all laughs and no scares at Monsters, Inc.

Tyler Tuskmon, however, applies to the agency to be a scareman. Since scaring is out, he is placed on the MIFT, the Monsters, Inc. Facilities Team. Most of the new characters on this series are a part of this maintenance team. Tuskmon will work under his one-eyed supervisor, Fritz, alongside Kaling’s Val and Cutter. It’s a bold move to deviate away from Mike and Sully, but they will likely get segments that will gradually become linked to Tuskmon’s storyline as they are the idols who inspired him to apply for the position.

Overall, the upcoming spinoff series looks promising. While Mike and Sully might be taking a step back in this series (despite their promotion), it’ll keep the series from feeling like it’s a rehashing of the original movie. The MIFT team is an endearingly quirky group of misfits who will be an entertaining focal point for the series. Additionally, it helps that the series directly correlates with where Monsters, Inc. left off. Viewers will get to see how Monsters, Inc. has changed since switching over from laughs to screams and catch up with their favorite characters from the movie, as well as meet some new ones in Monsters At Work.

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