How Days Gone Is Different On PC

How Days Gone Is Different On PC

May 18, 2021 0 By admin

Days Gone is the latest PlayStation exclusive to come to PC, and here’s how the newest version of the game stacks up to the original release.

Sony has brought another PlayStation exclusive to PC with Days Gone. The open world zombie apocalypse game starring biker protagonist Deacon St. John follows the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding. Sony has a reputation for consistently delivering high quality exclusive single player games to the PlayStation platforms, but now some of those blockbusters are making their way to a larger audience later on in life. Bend Studio’s latest release is available now on PC, and appears to be the definitive version of Days Gone, making some marked improvements over the PS4 release.

Horizon Zero Dawn began the new era of PlayStation exclusives coming to other platforms, but got off to a rough start. The PC version of Horizon launched with a host of bugs and frequent crashes, and although those issues are now largely fixed, it was a disappointment for many looking to get their hands on the game now that it wasn’t exclusive any longer. Horizon Zero Dawn ran very well on even the base PS4 when it launched, and was an impressive first attempt at an open world action RPG by Guerrilla Games, and now it seems the exact opposite scenario has happened with Days Gone.

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Aside from mixed reviews citing Days Gone‘s cliche narrative and abundance of cutscenes, the game suffered from many performance issues when it launched on PS4. Days Gone had already been delayed multiple times, and took a few post-release patches before frame rate issues and character model bugs were ironed out. The base PS4 seemed to struggle the most, but now that Days Gone is available for PC, the game flourishes on better hardware, and even takes advantage of options unique to the platform.

PC Settings For Days Gone Set It Apart From The PS4 Version

An ultrawide screenshot from the PC version of Days Gone

The amount of content in Days Gone on PC is largely the same as on the PlayStation 4, but gamers with high-end PCs will be able to enjoy a more polished and immersive experience. When turned to the highest settings,  Days Gone on PC is the best-looking version of the game, and is even a bit better than Days Gone’s PS5 upgrade. Newer hardware will also iron out many of the frame rate issues experienced on the PS4, and will prevent the game from lagging behind when a particularly large horde of Freakers appear on the screen.

In addition to the better performance, PC players will also be able to view Days Gone in an ultrawide resolution, provided they have a compatible monitor, of course. Days Gone takes its time bringing the player through its story, and there’s plenty of opportunities to appreciate the scenic vistas in the Pacific Northwest while Deacon is riding his motorcycle. While the game itself is not radically different from the PS4 version outside of mouse and keyboard controls, the presentation potential of Days Gone on PC is good enough that it marks a significant improvement.

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