Where to Find Cuddle Fish (& What They’re For)

Where to Find Cuddle Fish (& What They’re For)

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Fortnite has added tons of new content in Season 6 and the new Cuddle Fish is one of them. Here’s where to find them and how to use them in combat.

Fortnite Season 6 has seen a large variety of fresh updates to the game’s Battle Royale mode, and the fishing system is no exception. Along with the new theme, new skins, and new crafting system, Chapter 2 Season 6 also offers a range of new fish to catch. With fun designs and a wide range of beneficial abilities, keeping track of these new fish is a must for dedicated players.

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As long as players have a fishing rod or harpoon, they can catch the Cuddle Fish. Visually inspired by the real-life cuttlefish, this new rare fish can serve a variety of purposes for both early and late-game use. This is a guide on where to catch Cuddle Fish, and how to use them effectively.

Where to Find Cuddle Fish and How to Use Them

Fortnite Cuddle Fish Locations

Cuddle Fish can be caught at any location on the map that allows fishing. They are caught in stacks of 3 (with a maximum stack size of 6), and come in five versions: Cuddle Fish, Blue Cuddle Fish, Green Cuddle Fish, Orange Cuddle Fish, and Red Cuddle Fish. While visually different, each variant serves the same purpose. Their catch rates are slightly higher in Fishing Holes, but they can be caught in any body of water with relative ease.

Cuddle Fish can either be thrown onto the ground or thrown directly at enemies. Cuddle Fish stay on the field for 3 seconds before exploding, but can also be shot to be activated. One explosion deals 35HP in damage, and multiple can be thrown at a time to rack up damage fast.

If an enemy is already low, a single Cuddle Fish can help deal additional damage in the same way a proximity mine would be used. If thrown directly at the enemy, it will attach as a sticky grenade and cuddle the enemy until it explodes (hence the fish’s name). If a full 6 stack of Cuddle Fish is thrown and attached to an enemy, the explosions will deal a total of 210 damage – enough to immediately eliminate an enemy, even with full shields. With its two functions, the Cuddle Fish can be used for a variety of different playing styles throughout game time. With the help of the Cuddle Fish, as well as the plethora of other fish available in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, getting a Victory Royale with the help of these aquatic friends should be a walk in Pleasant Park.

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