Super Rush Character List & New Gameplay Revealed

Super Rush Character List & New Gameplay Revealed

May 17, 2021 0 By admin

A new overview trailer for Mario Golf: Super Rush is out, showcasing new characters and gameplay. Three new modes are also revealed.

A new overview trailer for Mario Golf: Super Rush has been released, showing off new gameplay elements. The starting character roster was also shown off alongside three new modes. The game is currently one of the most anticipated games arriving on Nintendo Switch this year, as Nintendo has been quite secretive as to what else is in the pipe in 2021.

While many consider 1999’s Mario Golf to be the first game in the series, it technically began with NES Open Tournament Golf, known as Mario Open Golf in Japan. The series would go on to be one of the most successful of Mario’s sports games, with the Nintendo 64 edition receiving universal acclaim. After Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour for the GameCube, however, the series fell dormant on consoles (although was active on handhelds). Super Rush is the first new Mario Golf on consoles since Mario Golf: World Tour in 2014.

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The trailer, posted by Nintendo, reveals that 16 characters will be playable. These include mainstays such as Mario, Bowser, and Peach. Newcomers include Rosalina, Pauline, King Bob-omb, and Chargin’ Chuck. Characters have their own specific stats that allow them to excel in certain situations. For example, Luigi has a high-speed stat but his shots will have less spin to them. There are also Special Shots unique to each character, which are flashy moves that can be triggered during a round.

Four players can play at once, either locally or online. Standard Golf is exactly what it sounds like – a typical round on the green, with a trademark Mario twist. Players can perform Standard Shots, Curved Shots, and Spin Shots, as is typical for Mario Golf. The Shot Gauge and Scan function give an extra layer of control and strategy. Players can use either button or motion controls. The latter appears to work similarly to how they did in Wii Sports’ Golf.

The new courses are extremely varied. Some are more mundane and resemble a real-world golf course. Others feature obstacles and hazards from Mario games. A desert stage, for instance, has Pokeys blocking the path to the hole. Piranha Plants appear on a forest-themed course. A lava course is also briefly seen.

From the detailed new character renders to the wide array of courses, it’s clear Mario Golf: Super Rush is trying to make Mario’s return to the green as epic as possible. How popular the new faces and modes will be with players is hard to say, but there’s plenty of excitement already. It’s time for players to dust off their wedges and putters – the next Mushroom Kingdom sports event is right around the corner.

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Mario Golf: Super Rush launches on June 25th for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo/YouTube

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