Spider-Man’s Greatest Ally Just Betrayed Him In Shocking Fashion

Spider-Man’s Greatest Ally Just Betrayed Him In Shocking Fashion

May 17, 2021 0 By admin

In Marvel Comics’ giant-sized Spider-Man: King’s Ransom #1, Peter Parker was sadly betrayed by someone who’d been his greatest ally in recent issues.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom #1

In Marvel Comics’ new giant-sized issue of Amazing Spider-ManPeter Parker was just betrayed by one of the greatest allies he’d had in his current series. Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime and corrupt mayor of New York, has been trying to obtain the pieces of the powerful Lifeline Tablet, and Spider-Man and reformed villain Boomerang had been working together to keep the pieces out of his hands. However, this new issue reveals that Boomerang isn’t quite as reformed as he let on, leading to a shocking betrayal that very much blindsided the Webslinger.

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In recent issues of Amazing Spider-Man, Boomerang and Peter have actually been roommates along with Randy Robertson, though Boomerang (real name Fred Myers) never learned that Peter was Spider-Man. Regardless, he eventually began to work with the Webslinger, as Peter had decided to give him a chance to do some real good and prove himself. However, the Kingpin pulled out all the stops, calling in big favors and assembling all of the city’s major crime bosses to help him claim his prize. As a result, Spider-Man called in heroes of his own to help him fight back in Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom #1 from Nick Spencer, Rogê Antonio, Carlos Gomez, and Zé Carlós, allowing him to get to Boomerang who was trying to get the final piece on his own.

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After Spider-Man convinced Fred that he didn’t have to do this alone, Peter claimed the final piece of the Tablet, as it had been cursed so that only a worthy hero could take it without dying. However, that was when everything went south, and Spider-Man was knocked out by Boomerang’s former team consisting of Shocker, Hydro Man, and Speed Demon. When he woke up, Felicia Hardy’s Black Cat had taken him back to his apartment where he found a note from Boomerang revealing the extent of his full betrayal, going all the way back to when he became roommates with Peter. Apparently, Boomerang had been hired by Fisk all along, but he needed a hero (Spider-Man) to manipulate into getting the final cursed piece.


Naturally, this does not look good for Spider-Man. He trusted Fred and vouched for him in front of all the rest of the assembled heroes, and now Fisk has managed to resurrect his son known as The Rose. It’s certainly the surprising twist. While a betrayal was always a possibility given Boomerang’s past and temperament, it really did seem like he was being set up to be a true hero despite his flaws. Likewise, Fred’s letter does indicate that he feels somewhat bad, and even as he’s celebrating his victory with all the other criminals it seems as though Boomerang may have some regrets about turning on the Webslinger. Perhaps there’s hope for Fred yet.

While there’s a chance that Boomerang might try and make up for his betrayal, it’s doubtful that Spider-Man would find it easy to trust him if he does. Spider-Man has been put through the gauntlet lately, and working with Boomerang was actually one the few constants he thought he could rely on. However it all plays out in future issues, this is certainly a betrayal that’s going to sting for Spider-Man, especially with the incoming consequences it’s created with the Kingpin and his son.

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