New Giant-Sized Comic Unites All-Star Creative Team

New Giant-Sized Comic Unites All-Star Creative Team

May 17, 2021 0 By admin

Binge Books – a comic company specializing in triple-sized comic issues – is bringing a new hero team to comic fans with an all-star cast of creators.

The Heroes Union is an upcoming giant-sized comic that promises to unite an all-star creative team. The first issue is a superhero team adventure that brings together some of the best creators in the comic industry, with Roger Stern, Ron Frenz, and Sal Buscema ready to share a cast of brand-new, original characters.

Heroes Union publisher Binge Books specializes in binge-worthy comic books fitting to its name. The company was founded by Darin Henry, a TV sitcom writer, who has worked on shows like SeinfeldFuturama, and Disney Channel’s K.C. Undercover. Binge Books has published comics that include Super ‘Suckers, The Blue Baron, and Telepathetic.

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The Heroes Union #1 will serve as a standalone story. As a binge book, it will be 68-pages long, tripling the length that comic fans are used to getting when they buy a standard issue, while still being readable in one sitting. Created by Roger Stern, Ron Frenz, and Sal Buscema, this comic will combine some of Binge Books’ characters into a larger story while introducing new ones when it releases on August 4, 2021. See some preview art and the solicit info below.

  • The Heroes Union #1 
  • Written by Roger Stern, Art by Ron Frenz (p), Sal Buscema (i), Chris Nye (i)
  • Cover by Ron Frenz (p) & Brett Breeding (i).
  • Distributed by Diamond Comics | On Sale 8/4/2021
  • 68 Pages | All Ages | $4.99
  • Naucrate the Auteur Cosmis – half the universe celebrates her genius, the other half cowers before her world-shattering power. And the only ones who can stop her are Earth’s foremost super-group…The Heroes Union! Legendary creators Roger Stern (The Avengers), Ron Frenz (Thor) and Sal Buscema (Captain America) unite to chronicle the adventures of a marvelous new generation of heroes in a cosmic epic bursting with so many breathtaking twists and thrills, it should probably come with seat belts! This 68-page, standalone story introduces all-new 21st Century Heroes in an exciting new, square-bound “Binge Book” format!

This new comic, coming from former DC and Marvel creators, will be the first of several in this new format. In an era where fans engage in binge-watching and binge-reading their entertainment, this approach hopes to bring that experience to the world of comics. Instead of waiting weeks or months for three issues, the story will be told in one extra-large issue that allows readers to enjoy a complete adventure in a single sitting. The Heroes Union #1 will also have an assortment of features that comic fans and collectors will be interested in. Each issue will have the Comics Code Authority Seal on it and feature a unique number. The Comics Code Authority has been defunct for at least ten years, making this the first book to have the Seal since DC and Archie Comics dropped the use of it. Hints have been given that additional perks may be announced in the future.

Darin Henry, Binge Books founder, said:

Like millions of other kids, I grew up devouring comics by Roger Stern, Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema, so to have some of the 20th Century’s greatest creators introducing readers to the 21st Century’s greatest heroes is a personal and professional dream come true.

I was inspire to create Binge Books by European comic albums like TinTin and Asterix because I wanted to publish affordable graphic novellas for US readers to enjoy.

Roger Stern is best known for his work on The Avengers, as well as Captain America, which he worked on with Sal Buscema, who is also known for his work on The Defenders. Ron Frenz has worked on Thor and The Amazing Spider-Man. Stern and Frenz worked together on the beloved story “The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man” in The Amazing Spider-Man #248. Now, these creators are coming together to present a new team of heroes to the world.

The Heroes Union #1 is a family-friendly adventure that stars Protégé, Windfall, and Startup, as well as the Blue Baron, as they face Naucrate. The Blue Baron – a bodyswapped teen – and Startup – a speedster – have both starred in independent and team-up digital comics from the company, but this will be their biggest adventure yet as they form the Heroes Union.

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