Mass Effect Legendary Edition Glitch Turns Shepard Into a Contortionist

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Glitch Turns Shepard Into a Contortionist

May 17, 2021 0 By admin

Mass Effect Legendary Edition continues the Mass Effect tradition of funny and wonky animation glitches plaguing protagonist Commander Shepard.

Despite the new improvements Mass Effect Legendary Edition brings to the original trilogy, a glitch is causing Commander Shepard to perform contortionist twists. Mass Effect Legendary Edition remasters the original trilogy of Mass Effect through Mass Effect 3. Of the remasters, the first Mass Effect sees the most improvements overall, with new textures, UI, character models and more. The collection also includes all of the DLC from the franchise except for the Pinnacle Station from Mass Effect.

Mass Effect glitches have produced some of the best gaming memes since the original game released in 2007. The iconic Shepard head spin is still used often as a reaction gif on social media. However, Mass Effect: Andromeda, the latest game in the franchise, suffered the most from glitches and bugs. Animation glitches and bad optimization marred Andromeda‘s launch, among other problems, resulting in the bad reception it received.

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Videos posted by users u/SlippitySlappity92 and u/BetTresRes2004 on Reddit show Commander Shepard in Mass Effect running with arms that look like they belong on Mr. Fantastic. While Shepard walks normally enough, the moment he starts sprinting is when the chaos starts. His arms stretch and flail around his upper torso, reaching spots on his back an average human shouldn’t be able to. Comments from both videos joke about how Shepard’s running is a strategy to strike fear into his foes. Others say that the flailing is the perfect N7 running form.

Even though Shepard’s gun is somehow floating without biotic intervention, the glitch only seems to affect the player’s animations. Furthermore, both videos come from Mass Effect, meaning that the same animation glitch may not occur in Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3Mass Effect may have more bugs as players venture through the Relays due to the amount of work needed to update the original. However, it doesn’t seem like too many bugs are surfacing as of this writing.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition reintroduces the much-loved space opera by highlighting the best parts of the series while cutting out as many bugs as possible. Yet, glitches in games as large as Mass Effect are more common than not. The glitch could have taken fans out of the experience. But the quality-of-life updates from Bioware and the community’s embrace of these types of glitches since the original game released seem to overshadow Shepard’s newfound flailing.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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