Black Lightning and Katana Are Rebuilding DC’s Outsiders

Black Lightning and Katana Are Rebuilding DC’s Outsiders

May 17, 2021 0 By admin

In the latest issue of Batman: Urban Legends, it’s revealed that Black Lightning and Katana are rebuilding their classic team, DC’s Outsiders.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman: Urban Legends #3

In the latest issue of Batman: Urban Legends, Black Lightning and Katana are rebuilding the Outsiders in the DC Universe. While Batman has typically been the one to run the team in comics past, that’s no longer the case, as Jefferson Pierce is looking to do things differently alongside Tatsu Yamashiro. Furthermore, it looks as though this new issue has already given the team its first mission, and they haven’t even been fully formed yet.

Batman: Urban Legends is an anthology series, with each issue containing a variety of smaller tales featuring the Dark Knight’s various allies. This includes the former Outsiders Black Lightning and Katana, who had been traveling together since the team disbanded after fighting Ra’s Al Ghul. Supposedly, they had been trying to find Tatsu’s lost Soultaker sword, containing the soul of her late husband Maseo, but Katana was captured by Maseo’s mother Shiori and her dark agents in “Caretaker” from writer Brandon Thomas and Max Dunbar. Naturally, Katana’s former mother-in-law was not happy with Katana’s failure to keep her son’s soul safe, leading to Black Lightning staging a rescue mission alongside Rex Mason’s Metamorpho, also a member of prior iterations of the Outsiders.

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However, it turns out that Katana didn’t need rescuing at all, as she dueled with Shiori on the astral plane before they came to an understanding. Shiori agreed to give Katana one year to regain the Soultaker sword and her husband’s soul. Should she fail, the consequences will no doubt be dire. Later, the three team members get dinner together, which is where Jefferson and Tatsu reveal to Rex their plans to form an all-new team of Outsiders with a new perspective and scope guiding their efforts.


Unfortunately, Black Lightning plays coy about the new team’s final member, though bringing back Duke Thomas’ Signal is pretty exciting, being a fairly new addition to Gotham’s heroes gallery. Additionally, this fifth member doesn’t appear to be Batman, as Jefferson says that they’ll be different and is “going to make it all work.” Will it be someone else from the Bat-Family like Red Hood, Spoiler, or Tim Drake’s Robin? A reformed villain? Plastic Man? Darkseid?

Whoever it ends up being, Black Lightning seems pretty confident that they’ll be a game-changer for the team and their efforts to save the people and solve the problems bigger and more public teams aren’t able to tackle all the time. However, the final page of the story in Batman: Urban Legends seemingly teases that a full Outsiders series is on the way this coming fall, which should be pretty exciting for DC fans all around. The Outsiders are a classic team featuring some of the most grounded and dimensional heroes the DC Universe has to offer, and the more spotlight put on Black Lightning and Katana’s new team the better.

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