10 Funniest Running Jokes On Gilmore Girls, Ranked

10 Funniest Running Jokes On Gilmore Girls, Ranked

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Gilmore Girls is a show that loyal fans everywhere are still rewatching thanks to streaming services like Netflix all the time. New fans are also able to find comfort in the world of Stars Hollow and the Gilmore family. While it wasn’t always known or being hilarious, they did have plenty of funny running gags.

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The series was fairly consistent as most all of the quick-talking characters had jokes about them that continued throughout the series and showed a particular character trait, like Rory’s pros and cons list. Fans would always appreciate the callback and notice more of these detailed jokes on every rewatch.

10 Taylor’s Schemes

taylor doose cross light - gilmore girls

Taylor always tried to be an authoritative force in the calm Stars Hollow and never allowed the small town to thrive on its own.

He was constantly trying to change and make updates in the historic town to try to get more tourists and more revenue to the town. Taylor would try to fix the bell tower in town or add a singular stop light and most of his schemes ended in frustration at best and disaster at worst.

9 Kirk’s Multiple Jobs

Kirk is also a mail man on gilmore girls

Kirk had dozens of jobs throughout Gilmore Girls and it almost seemed like he never was shown with the same profession twice.

From video rental clerk to mailman to dog walker, Kirk was constantly job hopping in the small town of Stars Hollow. It reached a point where it become a recurring joke when fans noticed that Kirk was constantly looking for new jobs on the show, like when he tried to get hired by Sookie for a line cook position.

8 Rory’s Pros And Cons Lists

Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) giving a speech in "Gilmore Girls."

Rory is definitely an analytic and detailed character through and through and one of the best examples of this character trait comes with her pros and cons lists.

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Whenever Rory was faced with making a difficult decision, whether it was about her career, her academics, or her relationships, she would turn to making her trusty pros and cons lists to come to the most logical conclusion based on the data in front of her.

7 Sookie’s Frantic Passionate Cooking

Sookie in the kitchen cooking - gilmore girls

Sookie is known for her beautiful and delicious food, which mostly defines her character, and is the head chef and staple at the Dragonfly Inn.

The funny aspect of Sookie’s cooking style is her absolutely frantic nature in the kitchen and the fact that she needs everything absolutely perfect and up to her standards to the point that she brings incredibly fancy food to a child’s birthday party.

6 Al’s Pancake World Never Has Pancakes

Al’s Pancake World is a subtle joke, but it’s a fun one and it does show up throughout the series. Someone will mention Al’s Pancake World and then say that they’re going there for some completely different food.

The restaurant has never had pancakes on the show, despite its name, and it’s because the owner got bored with only making pancakes after opening the restaurant but never changed the name. Each week Al decides to attempt to serve a different international cuisine, but the Gilmore Girls usually order Chinese food.

5 Babette And Miss Patty’s Gossip

babette and miss patty talking at lukes - gilmore girls

For a small town, Stars Hollow has a surprising amount of gossip that is quickly passed on to every townsperson by Babette and Miss Patty.

The two friends are always the first to know anything and everything that happens in any Stars Hollow resident’s life and they gleefully share any news with everyone else.

4 No Phones At Luke’s

lukes diner - no cell phones - gilmore girls

It was quickly and consistently clear throughout the entire show that Luke Danes absolutely hates cell phones and most new and modern technology in general.

Every time someone tries to take a call in Luke’s Diner, Luke yells at them and gestures to the “no cell phones” sign behind the counter. Whoever was making or taking the call would run outside to finish talking, hang up, and come back into the diner.

3 Rory And Lorelai’s Movie Obsession

lorelai and rory snuggling on the couch for movie night - gilmore girls

Rory and Lorelai constantly made movie and television show references throughout the series to the point that viewers weren’t likely to catch all of them, but that was part of their charm.

The two had specific rituals for their Gilmore girls’ movie nights from picking out particular movies they’d watch in one night, ordering in take-out and putting together movie snacks, and making sure that there are no distractions so they can fully immerse themselves in the cinematic world.

2 Luke’s Rants

taylor added a window to lukes diner on gilmore girls

Luke was known for his screaming rants throughout the series and although he was always angry and frustrated, it was also one of the funniest recurring jokes in the show.

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Luke would argue with anyone, including Lorelai, and was never afraid to let his true somewhat harsh opinions known. Most of his arguments consisted of screaming at Taylor whether he was trying to put a street light in Stars Hollow or a window connected to his diner, while his rants ranged from being annoyed at malls to the bells ringing in town.

1 Rory And Lorelai’s Coffee Obsession

Both Rory and Lorelai were obsessed with coffee throughout the entire show. It was to the point that the two literally couldn’t function if they didn’t have enough coffee to start their day and refuel throughout later on.

Everyone who ever interacted with them knew about their love of coffee from Logan hiring a coffee cart to follow Rory around campus in an episode to Luke immediately pouring them coffee every time they walked into the diner.

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