Where to Find (& Catch) Space Hamster

Where to Find (& Catch) Space Hamster

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If Shepard purchased the Space Hamster from Citadel Souvenirs in Mass Effect 2, they can find it again in Mass Effect 3 hidden aboard the Normandy.

There are a few pets Shepard can collect in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, including many species of intergalactic fish, a varren on Tuchanka, and a Space Hamster. Available for purchase from Citadel Souvenirs in Mass Effect 2, Space Hamster can be used to decorate Shepard’s cabin. Shepard can interact with Space Hamster, and it will poke its head out of the shelter, squeak, and hide once again. After the Normandy is retaken by the Alliance and Shepard grounded following the events of Mass Effect 2 and the Arrival DLC, Shepard loses their fish and Space Hamster. They can always repurchase fish to fill the tank again, though these will be different from the ones in Mass Effect 2. However, there is a way to get Space Hamster back.

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In Mass Effect 3, players have very little reason to enter the lower level of the Normandy’s Engineering room. This area, where Jack spent most of her time in Mass Effect 2, is largely empty. However, Shepard should make a point to go down there at least once to rescue their hamster and return this beloved pet to its rightful place in Shepard’s cabin. Here’s how to find and catch Space Hamster in Mass Effect 3.

How to Catch Space Hamster in Engineering in Mass Effect 3

Shepard purchases Space Hamster in Mass Effect 2

To find and catch Space Hamster in Mass Effect 3, players will need to bring Shepard to Deck 4 aboard the Normandy, which contains Engineering, reporter Diana Allers’ quarters, and Javik’s quarters. Shepard should enter Engineering from either door but take the stairs down rather than entering the area with Tali, Adams, and, optionally, Ken and Gabby. They should go to the spot where Jack’s cot was located in Mass Effect 2 and stand and wait for a few moments.

After a brief pause, players will see the interaction icon dart across the floor with a familiar squeak. This is Space Hamster, and players will need to be quick about interacting with it before it disappears out of sight. If they miss, they only need to wait a few seconds for Space Hamster to dart out again.

Once Shepard manages to interact with and catch Space Hamster, it can automatically be found in the same spot in Shepard’s cabin as it was in Mass Effect 2 and will have the same interaction animations. After the Leviathan DLC, if Shepard chooses to take the Husk head from Dr. Bryson’s lab, when interacting with Space Hamster, it will poke its head out, see the Husk head, and scream before darting back into its shelter.

During the Citadel DLC, when Shepard and their squad go to retake the Normandy, they will find Space Hamster in its cage sitting on top of a pile of trash in a dumpster, with a note to send the creature to a shelter. This will enrage Shepard even further. Once the DLC is complete, however, Shepard’s furry friend will be returned safely to their cabin before Mass Effect 3‘s endgame.

For Space Hamster to appear in Mass Effect 3, Shepard must have purchased this pet in Mass Effect 2. This is different from the fish, which will need to be repurchased from vendors on the Citadel in Mass Effect 3.

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