Silent Hill’s Movie Reboot Should Be Shattered Memories

Silent Hill’s Movie Reboot Should Be Shattered Memories

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The Silent Hill franchise has been dormant as both a gaming and movie series, but Shattered Memories could make for a perfect film reboot.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories would serve as a great movie reboot – especially if it was an interactive narrative. In the world of survival horror video game franchises, Resident Evil and Silent Hill are the two heavyweights. Resident Evil is often credited with jumpstarting the popularity of the genre, which placed ammo and item conservation over combat. Silent Hill arrived in 1999 and placed a decidedly more psychological bent on the concept, with Silent Hill 2 considered a masterpiece.

Sadly, the franchise has largely been dormant for a decade. Developer Konami has left many of its key franchises like Silent Hill in limbo, with 2012’s Downpour being the last major release. A Silent Hill chapter was recently added to slasher game Dead By Daylight, but while there are persistent rumors of a new game being developed, it has yet to be confirmed. The success of early games led to a Silent Hill movie in 2006, which loosely adapted the first title, and while it has its share of flaws, it also captured the feel of the franchise whilst offering some impressive visuals.

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Silent Hill is considered one of the best game to movie adaptations, though 2012 sequel Silent Hill: Revelation was met with terrible reviews and average box office. While their game franchises are currently on ice, the likes of the Castlevania anime series and the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie show Konami are willing to license their properties for adaptations. A new Silent Hill movie would be a great way to revive interest in the series, and a Shattered Memories film might be the way to do it.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories from 2009 was originally a Wii title that later got ported to the PS2 and PSP. It’s a remake of the first game and retains the basic concept, where the main character Harry Mason’s daughter goes missing in Silent Hill and he has to find her, but while some familiar characters appear, it’s essentially a brand new game. It features a new framing device where players interact with a therapist who administers various tests that have an impact on how the story plays out, including how enemies appear.

Inside of the blood and rust of the original franchise’s Otherworld, it’s now depicted as a frozen wasteland which gives players no choices to fight back. Shattered Memories received somewhat mixed reviews, but it’s one of the most unique entries in the series and while it suffers from a lack of scares, it has a fantastic atmosphere and involving story. It could also serve as the template for a movie reboot, one that again takes what viewers thought they knew about the first movie but twists it around.

The Silent Hill: Shattered Memories movie could help fix some of the issues fans had with the game too, including pumping up the scares and adding back iconic monsters. The selling point of Shattered Memories was its twisting path structure, which would make it well suited for an interactive movie format similiar to Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Of course, they would mean it would need to be a streaming service exclusive from the beginning. This would make for a unique selling point, however, with fans who have been missing the franchise almost guaranteed to watch, whilst newcomers will try out the interactive format. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a game that’s only grown in critical estimation since its original release, and a movie adaptation could be a great way to kickstart interest in a series that’s been frozen for too long.

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