Potential Twists & Themes Fans Can Expect In Season 23

Potential Twists & Themes Fans Can Expect In Season 23

May 16, 2021 0 By admin

A new season of Big Brother is right around the corner. With that comes a whole new decor theme inside the house, as well as major game twists.

Another season of Big Brother is right around the corner, and with that comes all-new twists and themes. Every summer, new houseguests walk into a completely redecorated house that will be their home for a few weeks. Typically, the house has a new theme to go along with the decor and some competitions. Aside from that, there is almost always a new twist in the game that makes the competition even harder for players.

It was recently announced that Big Brother will be returning for season 23 on Wednesday, July 7, 2021. Coming off of an All-Stars season last summer, the cast will consist of all-new houseguests. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the All-Stars season had a late start last year, not premiering until August. This season will have a bit of a later start as well. Prior to the pandemic, Big Brother typically returned in mid to late June. The season 23 premiere will consist of a 90-minute episode with a live move-in.

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Although the slogan of the competition show is “Expect the Unexpected,” there are a few details fans can expect to see this summer. According to Heavy, the press release for the show explained that both fans and houseguests will be introduced to a “newly redesigned house.” While the details of the changes are unknown, the Big Brother house is overdue for a remodel. Its last major renovation was prior to season six in 2005.  Longtime host, Julie Chen Moonves, later revealed the house will have a beach theme this summer. She said, “The houseguests are going to be moving into what we are calling the BB Beach Club.” To align with the new theme, perhaps the floor will be covered in sand. Talk about a major game twist.

Good gameplay and luck will be essential this season. In the press release, CBS teased the upcoming season twists, stating, “Houseguests are in for a high-stakes summer full of big risks and big rewards, where one wrong gamble could cost them everything.” This sounds slightly similar to season 19’s twist, The Temptation Tree, where houseguests had the choice of taking a chance by picking an apple off of the tree, which would contain either punishment or some sort of reward.

It has also been rumored that there will be no eviction on the first night. This twist was never truly fair to houseguests. As long as the infamous Zingbot makes a return this season, that’s all that truly matters. The brand new group of houseguests will, according to rumors, be revealed on June 30. However, this has not been confirmed. The start to a new season of Big Brother is always exciting to super fans. Now, they are just weeks away from a summer of drama, laughs, and competitions.

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